Monday, 28 September 2009

London is banging

A lot of my friends go to university up north in places like Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Newcastle. Gus is a perfect example of one of these jebends, joking! Every time i've visited these Northern cities i've enjoyed myself immensely although I still haven't found the time to hit up Manc but all in good time....Me and Gus were discussing lineups of various nights and what they had to offer in different cities across the isle, obviously we have a slight almost un-noticeable Newcastle-London beef when we talk about these things but that's understandable right? Well anyway in the last week I've seen some unbelievably good stuff in the Big Smoke. A real mash up of genres and some of the top dj's in their respective games.

Although when i've been before i've not enjoyed North London club the Egg, the night I went to would have been hard not to enjoy for anyone who is liking the emergence of the tech-house as a big genre. The two labels to watch out for were both showcasing some huge talent on the night Deadfish and Sound Pellegrino. Renaissance Man, Riva Starr, Mowgli, Solo, Zombie Disco Squad and Round Table Knights all amazing producers and djs. I missed Round Table Knights which is make up for it here's one of my favourite tunes right now....

Crookers feat. Kid Cudi - Embrace The Martian (Round Table Knights Remix)

and here's another from the Knights, remixing Style Of Eye who is also a sick producer...BIG

Style Of Eye - Grounded (Round Table Knights Edit)

Sticking with Deadfish artists here's some from Label founder and generally amazing legendary producer Solo, get them while you can because free Solo tunes won't be around long....ya get me?

Layo & Bushwacka - Love Story (Solo Bootyleg)

Solo - Joga Bola

Solo - Afreaka

Moving on to the Sound Pellegrino artists, Renaissance man are big and getting bigger. Here's a one of theirs that has had remix attention from another of my favourites Riva Starr....

Renaissance Man - What is Guru?

this track is an example of how looping a simple vocal sample can be so effective....

The Gossip - Love Long Distance (Riva Starr Remix Vocal)

and just as a bonus here's a tune that Renaissance Man and Nat Self of Zombie Disco Squad both dropped (found it on curbcrawlers blog today which was a nice surprise)

Siopis - I'm on Miami

I haven't got any ZDS tunes that I would get away with blogging, apart from remixes which have appeared on loads of other blogs so for the purpose of keeping it fresh.....Nada

Seeing all of these at once really helped my cravings for the more minimal side of house. If you get a chance to see any of them take it!

Moving to a completely different ballgame now. FWD is every sunday at Plastic People. If you're a fan of dubstep and in London then I suggest heading there. It's full of true dub heads really but even going once might get you hooked. It was free this sunday and Plastician, Chef and Floating Points were on the bill. Obviously the first two are already big names, Floating Points is less well know but trust me he is a sick producer, his first e.p. entitled Vacuum has just been released on vinyl and it's a beauty of a record, here's a youtube link....

Plastician and Chef both played sets packed full of heavy dubplates, memorable tracks include the huge Emalkay tune When I Look At You, which is an absolutely massive track, which you will surely have heard if you've seen a dubstep dj in the last 2 months or so.....

Plastician finished of the night with Intensive Snare featuring Skepta on the mic, grimey stuff.....

All in all a pretty good week of music in old London town, and it has more to offer with this week with new nights starting up all over the place. Jaymo and Andy George's highly successful Lincoln night Moda comes to London with Jack Beats playing the launch party. And new night called Some Night starts at The End (I refuse to call it The Den, I loved that club too much, and would quite like to slap the idiot who decided to just change the letters round instead of giving it a new name.) Anyway A1 Bassline plays the launch night as do Stenchman and Suhk Knight it's going to be huge....

Will have some nice posts coming up soon, hope you like the blog at the moment, can't seem to get rid of the second floating points youtube box sorry about that...keep it checking for new posts

Safe x

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