Wednesday, 23 September 2009

How about some of the grimiest dubstep ever heard?

I'm now back up in the toon and feeling already pretty dirty so why not make the most of it eh. So I recently came into possession of some extremely filthy Dubstep & by god you're gonna enjoy it. So first up is a bloke called Trolley Snatcha. He released an EP the other week which is pretty exciting.

 My favorite tune from it is 'Scattah' although 'the future also being fantastic. The 'Future' gives the impression of a frog walking down a highway (you'll understand it when you hear it). While 'Scattah' is more industrial & in some ways darker, it also has more step to it than 'future'. Anyway thought I'd give you my favorite tune but do try & buy the EP, it's worth it;

Next up is new tune from the breakbeat legend Ed Solo. Ed Solo has been one of my favorite Breaks DJ's for absolutely ages but I hadn't really delved into his Dubstep productions that (I didn't actually know that he produced Dubstep). But he's been releasing stuff on Sludge records for a while now. Sludge records always seem to deliver grimy little tunes so was excited when I can across this JFB & Ed Solo release.
The tune is called Egyptian horns, and to be honest when I first heard the title I thought of some cheesy funky house horns being used. Instead you have these quite dark & amassing tones with a very deep deep bass.  It's the kind of tune that could be worked into a Film like 'shifty' or a similar one of UK origin. Anyway I hope you enjoy but also check out his other stuff on Sludge plus his stuff done with Deekline, Wizard, & Skool of Thought;

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