Monday, 7 September 2009

Gashdem's Bestival preview, to get you in the mood

Both me & Joss are off to Bestival this week so I'd though I'd give you a teaser of what we and you might hear (if you're coming that is). There are too many artist on the bill to try and showcase so how about just the ones I like and ones that are DJ's. Even then there are over 40 DJ's on the bill.

Quite obviously I'll start off with Fake Blood. He is of course pretty darn awesome but like many DJ's is a casualty of his own style. So instead of going along with his standardized clubbed up house tunes he's gone down a disco\house road instead. The product is this song 'I think I like it'. Please buy the Fix your accent EP because it's worth every penny. But this is the real delight of the package. You'll enjoy it's light heartedness. You'll hear this for definite Bestival goers but here it is for you anyway;

Next up I'll deal with 3 different acts in one; That is Foamo, Man like me and Dub Pistols. Firstly all 3 are incredible but I'd prioritize the Dub Pistols because they're probably the best Dub band of this and last year. Even so Man like me are good wholesome fun & Foamo is, as you all know, amazing. Here are two tunes for you fools then, enjoy;

Here is a track from the fast rising London boy Jaymo. Electro infused fun that certain crowds will like and others won't. Even so filthy and energetic enjoy.

Next up is a very personal favorite of mine, JOKER! He is one of my favorite dubstep producers and possibly my favorite remixer of this year. Here is a remix of the band The Heavy and it's an absolute gem. Flawless and deep with a pulsating bassline & nice soulful lyrics, enjoy;

L-Vis 1990 is a firm favorite in the London Alternative seen and will be at Bestival. I like his work although never being a complete convert. Although I do really like this remix of the Crystal Fighters. It's unassuming and light but a nice little production, enjoy it and see them at Bestival;

London Elektricity is one of my favorite D n' B acts and I reckon will smack it at Bestival. Their uplifting and positive beats with entrancing lyrics will be remarkable at the dream-like festival. There are a number of tunes I could of chosen but really only ever one winner and thats the Apex remix of their tune of this year 'Just one Second';

I saw Plastician a while ago but can't remember if it was good or not. You will remember this remix though and I think you'll remember if you see them at the festival, because they have got some mad production skills. Anyway enjoy this remix which is of an incredible live act that'll be at the festival as well;

I thought I'd leave you with one that both me & Joss are very excite about, obviously Major Lazer idiots. The creation of Diplo & Switch will be well worth seeing. Truly do bring back dancehall to it's former glory on UK shores. Will be energetic at some moments and then laid back the next, here's a tune you might enjoy;

There will a load of other artists who we love as well so check out the lineup yourself fools. Anyway hope you enjoy the tunes and enjoy Bestival if you're going, it's going to get messy!

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