Sunday, 27 September 2009

Some Example remixes that haven't be blogged as of yet that are pretty awesome

Firstly I'd like to say that I think Example has been one of my favorite artists since I saw him about 3-4 ears ago supporting Plan-B in Shepherds Bush. So I'm happy he's getting allot more popular. Although I do fear for his future as with other rappers who follow the dance scene. Look at what has happened to Dizzee, started as an amazing grime MC and now cocky self confessed pop star. They are completely different of course, partly due to the fact that Example is a West London boy and thus pretty awesome already.

Anyway enough of the rant onto the remixes. The first one up is a remix by Moam. I have no idea who Moam is but the remix is making waves in the trance community. This is due to Tiesto dropping it at Privilege in Ibiza this summer, so it could be one of his alias's. I personally like it. I know people are wary of Trance but those people normally are pretentious idiots who don't understand that music is music and should not be constrained due to the perceptions of a genre. Anyway listen to it and enjoy it, hopefully;

Next up is a remix by an Electro outfit called 'Devil's gun'. Thye're from the UK but that's all about I know, check their myspace here. I really enjoyed this remix. It's tinged with just the right amount of Electro. Pretty epic as well. Anyway enjoy it fools;

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