Friday, 29 January 2010

Deep Days Vol. 1 might be worth getting

I recently got hold of a compilation mix by Doppelganger which I think many of you might enjoy. Deep House has had some what of a revival in the past year and although this is not strictly just deep it has quite an authoritative thumb on the musical pulse of current Dance music. I won't give you the whole thing but instead press you to buy it from here, instead here are two of the tunes I most enjoyed.

The first tune is by French producer Nhar. This isn't really such a Deep House tune as it's more Tech-House. Even so it has a nice gradual build and some nice ominous beats. Those who don't put in the time to listen will think it goes nowhere but wait till the 4th minute and it will delve into different depths;

Ante Perry is no stranger in Dortmund but over here he most probably is. 'Tasty' is a pretty sophisticated tune with it's continuous central beat. Even so it builds well and has nice overlapping lyrics. This is in many ways the kind of song not many people listen to or download but is loved on a big night out. Anyway enjoy;

Anyway get the mix or download the tunes individually.

Thursday, 28 January 2010


Sduk has been described as one of the......

"Rising stars of the newest forward thinking sounds in bass. Soulful vibes and a bag full of innovative Dubstep, Wonky, Hip Hop, Grime, Bashment and Funky dubs."

You may have heard his remix of Emalkay's When I Look At You. The original has sadly joined the rinsed tune hall of fame, but is still a wicked track. This remix takes it darker and still keeps the ridiculous drop.....

Emalkay - When I Look At You (Sduk Remix)

Here's some top production from the man himself, set to come out on Starkey's label Slit Jockey

Sduk - Clunge [Link Removed, Artists Request]

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Friday, 22 January 2010

Greena Pastures

Got three big tunes from some of the best funky/garage/2-step/house producers that london is throwing out....

Not his first mention on this blog, it's Roska. Here's a remix he's done of Love Cry by Four Tet. Joy Orbison has already had a pretty sweet crack at it, Roska has gone super funky with it. Percussive drums and a nice scaled bassline, one to skank to. There is only one thing that bugs me about Roska tunes and that's the roska! roska! roska! vocal samples, but I suppose that it's kind of like his signature....

Four Tet - Love Cry (Roska Remix)

Doc Daneeka, another associated with things tropical and funky. Taking on a Jazzanova tune, the result is a song that I literally can't not bounce to. Love the vocal samples, sweet bouncy bassline and stabby beat. Big!

Jazzanova - I Can See (Doc Daneeka Dub-Bump Mix)

Mosca and Greena are both young and on the rise. Keep an eye on both, and at the same time Nightslugs the new London label run by Bok Bok, there's going to be some wicked tunes coming out on it. Check out Greena's XLR8R podcast, full of tracks from top players...

Square One (Greena Remix) - Mosca

new dubstep post coming soon


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Name is Bond, Graham Bond

Alright so we done post about TLGB before. He should be regarded as a beacon of hope for wobbly house fans out there, those who like their drops dirty and the synths to wobble all over the place. Although I personally feel that there is only so far the fidget house thing could be taken, TLGB still produces very good stuff unlike a lot of the artists that got everyone so hooked on low frequency osiclations back in 2008 to the beginning of 2009. Like most Kidda remixes it has a euphoric feel to it and tight vocal hooks. It's probably a tune more suited to summer, but that doesn't take anything away from the tight production. It's the cowbell in the drum beat that I enjoy most, good stuff from the man they call Bond, more electronic and bleepy rather just a 4x4 beat with a shit loads of wobbles, it's more layered and tight.

Kidda - Everything Bad Is Good For You (TLGB Remix)

He is Playing lots of gigs here :

23rd Jan - Chew The Fat! Croatia
29th Jan - Superfilth!!! @ 93 Feet East
4th Feb - Dive @ Market Bar Nottingham supporting Foamo
18th Feb - Kidda album launch tour @ Bar 54

and finishing up another E.P.

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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Album Review: Heligoland by Massive Attack

Yes thats right everyone ones favorite downtempo electronic outfit are back. The Bristol duo haven't made an album since 2003 so much could be expected from it. As per usual it's a small album of 10 songs and as per usual has some brilliant vocalists; Horace Andy, Hope Sandoval and Martina Topley-Bird. The vocalists although being so different create a weird sense of continuity throughout the album. But anyway onto the individual songs of which I'll give a score out of 5.

Saturday Come Slow - Acoustic with bass describes it best with roaming lyrics. Solemn but very epic it is hard to describe in influence but it is Massive Attack through and through. 4/5

Rush Minute - Similar to the song above, light and ominous with dark tones. Genre wise hard to define, is it Rock, Leftfield, Downtempo or just plain Electronica. 3/5

Flat of The Blade - Weird but a nice sample. Needs a remix, it seems a bit confused. 2/5

Girl I Love You - Very 90's prodigy-esque. Really nice lyrics. Perfect soundtrack music, can imagine hearing it in a Danny Boyle film. 4.5/5

Splitting The Atom - Really enjoyed this. Weird but nice sampling, plus Horace Andy sounds brilliant. 4/5

Babel - Surreal again, starts off slow but builds and builds. Martina sounds brilliant as ususal, reminds me Zero7. 3.5/5

Pray For Rain - Nice beat but pretty dark. Tunde Adebimpe has a nice voice but it's not very enjoyble. 2.5/5

Psyche - Martina at her best, beautiful song. It's simply done with an ongoing melody that descends into darker wisps. 4.5/5

Paradise Circus - The best, really. Nice Lyrics with nice Piano. Going to be their breakthrough single probably due partly to it's catchiness and even when it loses the piano it keeps the magic. 5/5, deservedly.

Atlas Air - Some very nice sounds, but it's too long. 2/5

Overall Score - 4/5

With weak points and strong points it gets a very good score but really for effort it deserves a full score. The album has such a nice flow and continuity that it is in many ways a masterpiece. Reminds me a bit of Booka Shade's last album; Not about making club tunes but making great music. It truly deliver good music not just good Dance music. Please buy it because It's too valuable to give away for free.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Darling of the East

When you think of the Middle East, clubbing and electronic music doesn't instantly spring to mind. Darling Farah is changing that, he's already been hyped up in the blogosphere, but rightly so. His productions vary from being heavy electro style to more minimal housey format.

James Blake (whose track Air and Lack Thereof features in the 09 top 25) is killing it too, although there productions vary in style and genre. His haunting track Sparing the Horses has been given a working over from Darling Farah, who isn't even old enough to get into a club yet, let alone DJ in one. He gives it a more ravey feel, adding in more filter and buildups, it certainly adds more club appeal to the track.....

James Blake - Sparing the Horses (Darling Farah Underage Rave Mix)

Both are young, very talented and highly original in their production ideas. Keep at least one eye peeled....

Jossa x

I've returned from my sabbatical

I have not written for a while due to my heavy load of work parted with chronic laziness. I has been cured though, I assure you. So to say sorry here is a massive post to tend to your musical needs.

Jump up Dubstep

So first up is a little known artist called 501 who over the past few months has been making some filthy jump up Dubstep. This tune is a true club banger which would make any crowd nod their heads towards the DJ. It is a homage to that industrial, transform-esqe, truly electronic sound that became very prominent in the last quarter of 2009. Anyway enjoy responsibly.

With it I though I'd put a true banger which as well is very club friendly, of course it's Benga. I loved 'Man On A Mission' when it first came out but this Chef VIP adds a bit more bounce to it. Deep beats and a rolling bassline make it an ideal tune to get you moving.


I never like Kings of leon. My sister liked them about 6 years ago and were alright but they just sound whiney. I did like 'Milk' though and it's always seemed to be quite 'epic'. Anyway Dub & Run have created a simple bouncey version. The original is pretty depressing and like the original it keeps that omnipresent darkness and simplicity. The bouncey bassline dub keeps it going and makes it a nice little remix.

When I came across this a moth ago I immediately felt this was a truly brilliant remix. It is a remix of Oddysey. Housey but light with an indie feel may seem like an off putting description but I really do not do it justice. Rumbling but deep it is enjoyable and emotional. I think most people should like this so please download it;

Tech/ Dubstep

Phaeleh at the moment is one of my favorite producers and luckily a month or so ago he released an absolute scorching EP. The tune I've decided to give you is a pretty beautiful song. It really shows the range of the genre, this could be soundtrack music. Light and techy with Indian sounds it's a perfect song for dusk. Please enjoy but download the full EP to get the even more brilliant 'Beautiful Lies'.

The new Martyn Fabriclive CD is not for the faint hearted, or those who have an aversion to Techno. The song that really caught my eye was this tune by Maddslinky. It's weird and wonderful with a nice little 2-step bounce to it with a xylophone playing in the background. Anyway enjoy, if you can.

Some Oldies

Two tunes I've recently rediscovered are absolute gems but both very different. Method mans album 'The Prequel' has got some nice tunes on it but most prolifically is 'Afterparty'. It feature Ghostface Killer as well as an added bonus. I like it mostly due to string instruments featuring quite prominently making an extremely catchy beat. Enjoy, it is awesome.

I found this lying at the end of my itunes and made me feel very dirty indead, only Noiz & Excisions could do this to me. It reminds me of Von Stroke's 'Vocal Chords' due to it being largely composed of a mans voice. It's dark and dirty with a horrific bassline. Enjoy extremely loudly;

Monday, 4 January 2010


Happy New Year ya'll.....

Here is a list of my favourite tracks of 2009, it's a mish mash of genres, some are dance floor destroyers others are very chilled and minimal....

1. Florence and the Machine - You've Got The Love (xx Remix)
2. Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
3. Kenton Slash Demon - Khatabi
4. DRT - Rising Sun (Boog a Loo Crew Remix)
5. Zinc - Blunt Edge
6. L-Viss 1990 - United Groove
7. Giant - Drumstick
8. Jesse Rose - Well Now
9. Mowgli - London to Paris
10. Fake Blood - I Think I Like It
11. Joker and Ginz - Purple City
12. Roska - The Sheppard
13. Untold - Stop What Your Doing (James Blake Remix)
14. Floating Points - Vacuum Boogie
15. Hudson Mohawke - Rising 5
16. Round Table Knights - Bellydance
17. Major Lazor - Pon Di Floor
18. Boy 8 Bit - Baltic Pine
19. James Blake - Air and Lack Thereof
20. elDOKO - Wormwood Blues
21. Burial & Four Tet - Moth
22. Gentleman's Dub Club - Fire
23. Daniel Haaksman - Kid Conga feat. MC Miltinho (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
24. Tomas Barfod, Fredski - March On Swan Lake
25. Lucky Charmes, Kid Kaio - This Sound Is

I thought I'd also give my hotly tipped for 2010

Fantastic Mr Fox
Dark Sky
Joy Orbison
Von D

in my opinion are all set for big things this year, watch out for future releases etc....

Once again happy new year

Jossa x