Friday, 28 August 2009

An Ibiza classic gets a rework, and ITS FUCKING SiiiiiiiiiCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!! (Exclusive)

A couple of my mates got back from Ibiza yesterday so thought, in honor, would release to those who are reading a remix of N-Joi's big tune 'Anthem'. Hope you had a great time guys, wish I could of been there.

Possibly one of the biggest Ibiza tunes of the 90's has been released by none other than Metrik. Metrik is a D n'B DJ from London who's had a reputable but some what low key career. This will be his signature tune though. You'll hear this song every Ram and Hospital night for the next year. 

Some people may be wary of Drum & Bass remixes but this really does make you wanna dance. It's reminiscent of Sub Focus and has his same attention to detail. Even if you believe it to be week production wise (which it's not) you can't help but love the classic, which I put in for an added bonus.

Also please Buy the EP because not only do you get this BAAANNGGERR but you get 'Time to Change' another truly class tune. Please enjoy, very loudly


Here are some tunes that have come out over the past few weeks and thought it was caring to share, and I hope their so good they'll bow your f-ing brains. 

Up first is a tune called 'Broken String' by two producers called Tek-One. I first came to the attention of these two on the Rub-a-dub-dubbbb blog and I hope you go there every day cos none other than Dj Jay 'backchat' Fontaine writes for that blog (He's the reason why the cosmic ballroom in Newcastle is the best night in the city). Anyway Tek One use old bitrate toys to produce these incredibly unique and very mechanical sounds. A real treat, the sounds remind me of the D n' B producer Mistabishi (I'm not gonna into how awesome he is but I will one day). Anyway here it is and clock their MySpace to clock more tunes;

Next up is a bloke called Shackles. I clocked him the Rub-a-dub blog again so please after this post go to the blog and give some support. Anyway Shackles is a bloke from Leeds and don't know much else about him really. All I know is it's a grimey little monster;

Next up is a remix of a tune a absolutely adore. The tune is 'Bounce & Rebound' by none other than Deekline & Wizard. Deekline & Wizard bought out an album recently so you should definitely buy it, it's the best Breaks album this year maybe for the past 3 years. So who remixes it? None other than Bassnectar, the project from San Francisco. The tune is in some ways not as good as the original but it'll help those who don't like breaks to ease themselves into it's greatness. Anyway enjoy;

Last off is a very old dubstep tune but it's the tune which made me realize how brilliant the genre can be. It's by Hijak, Skream's younger bro. It's a real beautiful number. A chilled one but brilliantly produced, anyway here it is;

Summer playlist!!!

Thought I'd let you enter my headphones for a moment and see what I've listening allot to this summer. These are all old basically, bar one remix.

First tune is from Minnie Riperton. You've probably heard in adverts and soundtracks and may have wondered who it was. Well here it is and still one her greatest tunes and one of the greatest the world has ever seen, timeless really;

Next up is a tune a found on an old scratch perverts CD. A real reggae banger. Chilled and fun and perfect for the festivities on Monday & Sunday;

Next up is another tune for carnival but this time from the Don's of Breaks Ed Solo & Skool of Thought. Starts off with upbeat guitars until 1:10 and booossh the beat hits in. Then 10 secs later the wobble comes in. Absolute banger with some sick lyrics from Darrison & JFB;

Lastly the remix that was number 1 on hypem yesterday. It's the Gigames/ Discotech remix of Radiohead. I mostly enjoy it for the drop at the beginning.  The melody is Just entrancing. A perfect soundtrack song and perfect producing enjoy;

Some Hip-Hop, heavy stuuf, old school shit!!!!!

Thought I'd post some Hip-Hop, not that old school, but we would of been kids when there were being made. Both tunes are from american duo's. The first of which are jedi mind tricks. Coming from Philly the high school friends have released six albums. The producer, DJ Stoupe, creates the sickest of beats normally drawing upon classical and string instrument influences. Whilst the rapper, Vinny, has a gruff and grimey voice that creates dark but beautiful tunes.

The next track is from the amiable M.O.P. The duo you'll know well, most probably for their tune 'cold as ice'. What you may not know but that whole album, 'Warriors', is one of the sickest albums of all time. I rate their voices, the beats, the jump up nature and the chemistry the two have together. I'd recommend to buy an old copy of warriors any day and any of Jedi mind tricks albums.

Carnival Style

Alright so that was Gus, glad he introduced himself, he'll be posting as well....

Carnival is almost upon us, two more sleeps and it kicks off. To get you in the mood for it I got two tracks which i'm feeling are in keeping with the carnival vibe.....

First one is a track from reggae and dancehall artist Collie Buddz, this version is a bootleg by the young American dubstep producer The Widdler. Widdler is a sick producer and he's got a spanking new ep out, beatport beckons! Have a look around for his tune called Go Ask Alice, it's all quality stuff.

Come Around - Collie Buddz (The Widdler Bootleg)

This next one is a tune i'm sure many of you will have heard. Diplo and Switch teamed up to create Major Lazer their dancehall sideproject. Pon Di Floor has been one of the biggest tunes of the summer being dropped here there and everywhere by all kinds of dj's. Here's a R!M!E remix of a tune that you will not escape from if you hit carnival this year.

Pon Di Floor - Major Lazor (R!M!E Remix)

To those lucky enough to bit hitting the red bull carnival party, which diplo and switch will be performing at as Major Lazor, you don't know how lucky you are...

Be sure to hit up Chew The Fat at Liquid Nation, sick line up, including the Boog a Loo Crew who are killing it at the moment....

Get on the carnival vibes, squeeze the most of your summer......

Jossa x

Hello fuckers!!!!!

Hiya I'm Joss's equally ugly friend Gus and thought I'd throw some posts his way on this relatively blog. I've known Joss since we tore up the nurseries together back in the days of acid house and shizer porn. We're now students living the high life of pot noodles and man sized tissues.

Him and me do have similar tastes of music although not universally. My posts will reflect my love of everything that gets you sweaty; Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Tech-House, Grime, Hip-hop and porn, with some random bits n' bobs.

So to start off I though I'd do a post on Nero. Nero are two very well known DJ's from London. As with many Dubstep producers their roots are in Drum and Bass. I will focus on their Dubstep productions because they are truly energetic & fun.

The first of which is their own remix of their Drum & Bass banger 'Act like you Know'. I liked the original but I had a certain bit of it lacking. It was a bit standard and typical of lots of D n' B tracks. The dubstep version though gives it a lot more bounce. The first drop is pretty good but it's the drop into the bassliney keys at 2:45 that really bring into it's own. Anyway here it is and hope you enjoy;

The second track is remix of the Bassline outfit Platnum. Platnum hail from Manchester and have created some of Bassline's biggest tunes. But Nero's rework makes it an even more jump up fun little number. It's actually a Drum & Bass remix but well, if you don't like it then fuck you! Here it is;

And for the last tune I thought I'd go with one of his oldest but greatest remixes. It's an absolute killer of a remix and makes you want to move your head back and forth so vigorously that you head but the person in front of you;

Oh also if you do like Nero maybe try and buy the tracks. More importantly play these loud on HUUUGGE speakers because they deserve it!!!


Thursday, 27 August 2009

I'm back and He's Back

What it do family? Been ages since I've even looked at my blogger. Been having a very eventful summer, doing this and that, going hither and thither. Most importantly though I've heard a lot of sick new music.

Of course my blog is, at the very least, going to be a few days behind the flawlessly up to date gaggle of bigger and longer running blogs that I read. And I'm not even going to try to compete with the punctuality of the Hype Machine aka The Megatron. I'm going to post a couple of tracks which I know have already on been on bigger blogs for at least week now. So I apologize to anyone who might be offended by the fact that i'm so behind the times....ha

Anyway enough rambling. Back in July I went to Glade festival at the Matterley Bowl in Winchester. If you were ever thinking about going to it, stop thinking and do it, just go. I thought about going in 2008 and missed out when I didn't. What struck me about Glade was the wide variety of genres of music being played. You can go from watching the likes of 2Bit Thugs dropping the wobbliest ghetto weapons around, to someone likes Kaynes or Far Too Loud pumping out psychedelic beats. It's such a good mix....I recommend it highly

So first up here's a remix from one of my favorite dj's and producers. I thought Fake Blood, was a bit off colour when I heard his Miike Snow remix and the one of Calvin Harris. Both poor compared to his normal standards. This is vintage Fake Blood though, the reverberating bass line, the chopped up vocals spelling out his name. So so sick....

The Gossip - Love Long Distance (Fake Blood Remix)

And another one from another favorite producer of mine. La Roux is the remix whore everyone is wanting a piece of that, she's being shafted from all angles. Jack Beats have come along and of course they have turned I'm Not Your Toy into a wobbly dancefloor weapon. They kept the bit when she sings all nice as well, how nice of them....

La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)

Actually I think Jack Beats wobblier stuff is getting a little bit boring. On the recent ep they released I prefer Labyrinth to U.F.O (K-Hole Riddim). Labyrinth isn't as straight up in your wobbly bass and horrendous drops, it's more subtle, like their remixes of Florence and The Machine and Patrick Wolf. Check these all out on their Myspace if you haven't already heard them....Also buy a copy of Fake Blood's new e.p. Fix Your Accent it's sick!!!!

One last thing, best moment of Glade for me was when Drop the Lime dropped AC Slater's Mix of his own tune Hear Me, and still sung the vocals live, Incredible!

Drop The Lime - Hear Me (AC Slater Remix)

Enjoy The Rest of Your Summer.....Roll On Carnival and Bestival!!!

Safety x