Friday, 28 August 2009

Some Hip-Hop, heavy stuuf, old school shit!!!!!

Thought I'd post some Hip-Hop, not that old school, but we would of been kids when there were being made. Both tunes are from american duo's. The first of which are jedi mind tricks. Coming from Philly the high school friends have released six albums. The producer, DJ Stoupe, creates the sickest of beats normally drawing upon classical and string instrument influences. Whilst the rapper, Vinny, has a gruff and grimey voice that creates dark but beautiful tunes.

The next track is from the amiable M.O.P. The duo you'll know well, most probably for their tune 'cold as ice'. What you may not know but that whole album, 'Warriors', is one of the sickest albums of all time. I rate their voices, the beats, the jump up nature and the chemistry the two have together. I'd recommend to buy an old copy of warriors any day and any of Jedi mind tricks albums.

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