Monday, 28 September 2009

London is banging

A lot of my friends go to university up north in places like Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Newcastle. Gus is a perfect example of one of these jebends, joking! Every time i've visited these Northern cities i've enjoyed myself immensely although I still haven't found the time to hit up Manc but all in good time....Me and Gus were discussing lineups of various nights and what they had to offer in different cities across the isle, obviously we have a slight almost un-noticeable Newcastle-London beef when we talk about these things but that's understandable right? Well anyway in the last week I've seen some unbelievably good stuff in the Big Smoke. A real mash up of genres and some of the top dj's in their respective games.

Although when i've been before i've not enjoyed North London club the Egg, the night I went to would have been hard not to enjoy for anyone who is liking the emergence of the tech-house as a big genre. The two labels to watch out for were both showcasing some huge talent on the night Deadfish and Sound Pellegrino. Renaissance Man, Riva Starr, Mowgli, Solo, Zombie Disco Squad and Round Table Knights all amazing producers and djs. I missed Round Table Knights which is make up for it here's one of my favourite tunes right now....

Crookers feat. Kid Cudi - Embrace The Martian (Round Table Knights Remix)

and here's another from the Knights, remixing Style Of Eye who is also a sick producer...BIG

Style Of Eye - Grounded (Round Table Knights Edit)

Sticking with Deadfish artists here's some from Label founder and generally amazing legendary producer Solo, get them while you can because free Solo tunes won't be around long....ya get me?

Layo & Bushwacka - Love Story (Solo Bootyleg)

Solo - Joga Bola

Solo - Afreaka

Moving on to the Sound Pellegrino artists, Renaissance man are big and getting bigger. Here's a one of theirs that has had remix attention from another of my favourites Riva Starr....

Renaissance Man - What is Guru?

this track is an example of how looping a simple vocal sample can be so effective....

The Gossip - Love Long Distance (Riva Starr Remix Vocal)

and just as a bonus here's a tune that Renaissance Man and Nat Self of Zombie Disco Squad both dropped (found it on curbcrawlers blog today which was a nice surprise)

Siopis - I'm on Miami

I haven't got any ZDS tunes that I would get away with blogging, apart from remixes which have appeared on loads of other blogs so for the purpose of keeping it fresh.....Nada

Seeing all of these at once really helped my cravings for the more minimal side of house. If you get a chance to see any of them take it!

Moving to a completely different ballgame now. FWD is every sunday at Plastic People. If you're a fan of dubstep and in London then I suggest heading there. It's full of true dub heads really but even going once might get you hooked. It was free this sunday and Plastician, Chef and Floating Points were on the bill. Obviously the first two are already big names, Floating Points is less well know but trust me he is a sick producer, his first e.p. entitled Vacuum has just been released on vinyl and it's a beauty of a record, here's a youtube link....

Plastician and Chef both played sets packed full of heavy dubplates, memorable tracks include the huge Emalkay tune When I Look At You, which is an absolutely massive track, which you will surely have heard if you've seen a dubstep dj in the last 2 months or so.....

Plastician finished of the night with Intensive Snare featuring Skepta on the mic, grimey stuff.....

All in all a pretty good week of music in old London town, and it has more to offer with this week with new nights starting up all over the place. Jaymo and Andy George's highly successful Lincoln night Moda comes to London with Jack Beats playing the launch party. And new night called Some Night starts at The End (I refuse to call it The Den, I loved that club too much, and would quite like to slap the idiot who decided to just change the letters round instead of giving it a new name.) Anyway A1 Bassline plays the launch night as do Stenchman and Suhk Knight it's going to be huge....

Will have some nice posts coming up soon, hope you like the blog at the moment, can't seem to get rid of the second floating points youtube box sorry about that...keep it checking for new posts

Safe x

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Some Example remixes that haven't be blogged as of yet that are pretty awesome

Firstly I'd like to say that I think Example has been one of my favorite artists since I saw him about 3-4 ears ago supporting Plan-B in Shepherds Bush. So I'm happy he's getting allot more popular. Although I do fear for his future as with other rappers who follow the dance scene. Look at what has happened to Dizzee, started as an amazing grime MC and now cocky self confessed pop star. They are completely different of course, partly due to the fact that Example is a West London boy and thus pretty awesome already.

Anyway enough of the rant onto the remixes. The first one up is a remix by Moam. I have no idea who Moam is but the remix is making waves in the trance community. This is due to Tiesto dropping it at Privilege in Ibiza this summer, so it could be one of his alias's. I personally like it. I know people are wary of Trance but those people normally are pretentious idiots who don't understand that music is music and should not be constrained due to the perceptions of a genre. Anyway listen to it and enjoy it, hopefully;

Next up is a remix by an Electro outfit called 'Devil's gun'. Thye're from the UK but that's all about I know, check their myspace here. I really enjoyed this remix. It's tinged with just the right amount of Electro. Pretty epic as well. Anyway enjoy it fools;

Friday, 25 September 2009

Camo & Krooked are breathtaking

September is looking like an absolutely awesome month for D n' B.The best of this month are really Camo & Krooked. I recently discovered them thanks to DirtyPhonics. They're Austrian and seem to be part of the new wave of D n' B producers coming from Europe who are really bringing back allot of energy to the scene.

 The tune is called 'Skyline' and by god it's a beauty. It's a preview but when It comes out I recommend everyone to buy it. It's got a Euphoric & scientific beauty to it that makes it simply unique. Anyway here it is;

Next up is another Camo & Krooked tune. The Black Eyed Peas have got a remix competition going at the moment on beatport. It's for their, ultimately, annoying song 'I got  a feeling'. Anyway hope you enjoy it;

Anyway hope you enjoy the tunes because they're awesome. Try their myspace as well, trust me it's worth it.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

How about some of the grimiest dubstep ever heard?

I'm now back up in the toon and feeling already pretty dirty so why not make the most of it eh. So I recently came into possession of some extremely filthy Dubstep & by god you're gonna enjoy it. So first up is a bloke called Trolley Snatcha. He released an EP the other week which is pretty exciting.

 My favorite tune from it is 'Scattah' although 'the future also being fantastic. The 'Future' gives the impression of a frog walking down a highway (you'll understand it when you hear it). While 'Scattah' is more industrial & in some ways darker, it also has more step to it than 'future'. Anyway thought I'd give you my favorite tune but do try & buy the EP, it's worth it;

Next up is new tune from the breakbeat legend Ed Solo. Ed Solo has been one of my favorite Breaks DJ's for absolutely ages but I hadn't really delved into his Dubstep productions that (I didn't actually know that he produced Dubstep). But he's been releasing stuff on Sludge records for a while now. Sludge records always seem to deliver grimy little tunes so was excited when I can across this JFB & Ed Solo release.
The tune is called Egyptian horns, and to be honest when I first heard the title I thought of some cheesy funky house horns being used. Instead you have these quite dark & amassing tones with a very deep deep bass.  It's the kind of tune that could be worked into a Film like 'shifty' or a similar one of UK origin. Anyway I hope you enjoy but also check out his other stuff on Sludge plus his stuff done with Deekline, Wizard, & Skool of Thought;

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Xtatic Truth Remixes

Xtatic Truth has been one of the biggest songs of the summer and has received remix attention from some great artists. Here's the original track....

Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth

L-Vis 1990 regularly churns out remixes of the biggest tunes. This one of Xtatic Truth is good, it's got a funky feel to it. Check out L-Vis 1990 writing on the curbcrawlers blog he has a vast knowledge of music and posts some excellent tracks....

Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth (L-Viss 1990 Remix)

Renaissance Man one of my favourite artists on one of my favourite labels. Quite a similar housey feel to this remix but with less of the bongos. Not Renaissance Man's finest work but still pretty sick....

Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth (Renaissance Man Remix)

Always save the best to last I say. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, I don't know a lot about them apart from that they are from london and have a pretty stupidly long name which is very annoying to type. This is a very special remix though, It's got a nice delayed drop and will surely be played out by djs for some time to come.

Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)

Shouts out to youcancallmepelski boys for posting the T.E.E.D remix.

Safe x

Saturday, 19 September 2009


Just a quick one, loving this at the moment

Aspin & Dipace vs. Mojax - Omen's On Fire

Raaaaaaaaaar what a drop, more big ones coming soon, maybe even some exclusives stay tuned

Friday, 18 September 2009

Mid september tunes, they are pretty massive!

Hello fools, hope all is well. Am about to back to uni so thought I'd give you  a little taster of some new tunes that I'm listening to at the moment. Also if any of you are gonna be in Newcastle then be sure to go to Rub-a-dub-dubb on tuesday. Also by the way clock Kanye being an utter douche bag at the VMA's and Obama's reaction on my facebook page, so so joke. Anyway so to the tunes.

First up is a drum & Bassey/ Breaks tune I really like & came across only a day ago. They one the Drum & Bass newcomer awards this year so are very very big and there's certainley allot more to come. They're parisian DJ's & an Mc called Youngster. What I like about the tune is the electro/breaksey feel t ti and the raw energy. This energy can be seen on their live sets. I've posted a little vid of their live set & it looks really awesome, I like how they drop A1 rock it at the end anyway enjoy.

Next up I thought I'd tell you that Logistics is back!!!!!! And my god he's as good as he's always been. He's
released a new album called Crash, Bang, Wallop. It's got some of his old material but some new tunes as well
and by god they're good. 'Transporter' is amongst my favorites as well as 'Platinum'. What I love about Logistics
is how chilled out his tune can be & then at the same time can destroy any dance floor. I saw him last about 2
years ago at fabric & it's definitely worth seeing him at any opportunity. Anyway thought I'd give you one of
the best from the album, please enjoy, it's a classic by the way but a really fantastic edit of it;

Breaks is amazingly fun & don't understand why more people don't love it. It's almost the modern version of
Soul. Anyway I picked up this real wicked new compilation album called 'evolved Breaks'. It deals with the
euphoric side of breaks. Anyway there is one tune on it which I find absolutely beautiful. Starts off really
Trancey. It then heads into a nice little beat that builds & builds until BOOOSSHH, some real beautiful
lyrics. It's not a club banger but a real real treat. I really hope you enjoy it;

Anyway hope you enjoy these tunes. Have an absolutely fantastic weekend!!!! x

Thursday, 17 September 2009

You Have Been Bestivaled.......Again

Whatagwan People
BESTIVAL!!! can't begin to explain how much I love that festival, this years did not disappoint. Those of you who went will know just how good it was, the weather alone was incredible. Such a friendly crowd of like minded people all giggling away in the sun during the day and skanking their bodies to oblivion at night.

Personally this was the 3rd year in a row i've been and I found that this year was the year of discovery. I don't think that I could pin point one standout highlight, so i'm going to post songs from the various the multiple high points of the festival...

Metronomy....I am in love with this band, they played on the first day, and were absolutely incredible

Metronomy - Radio Ladio

Golden Silvers were good too, nice sort of glammy funky pop stuff from them. They played early on the second day and although I wasn't the biggest fan before I saw them I was converted slightly.

Golden Silvers - True Romance

This year there was a lot of good dubstep on the bill. Caspa, Joker, Appleblim, Reso, Skream etc. I made a few sacrifices by missing a few of these acts because they are easily seen in clubs all over the country. I saw Caspa though and he was sick though mainly because of MC Azlan who is a true joker - "make some noise for Caspa, the friendliest ghost in town". Although I didn't hear this tune being dropped I would love to think that one of the more minimal dubstep djs on the bill might have dropped it, you can't see everyone though can you!

Pinch - Moition Sickness

We've already mentioned Christian A1 Bassline on the blog before because we love him. But he always deserves another mention. His set in the hidden disco was too quiet for some reason which was a bit sad really because he was killing it as usual.

Buraka Som Sistema - IC19 (A1 Bassline Remix)

On saturday night Mad Decent Soundsystem took over the biggest indoor tent. If I try talking about how good that 4 hours was I start to get too excited and mumble like an idiot. Basically Thomas Wesley Pentz better know as Diplo had that tent locked down and made it his own. It was like a festival within a festival, there was a carnival atmosphere all over the place. Major Lazor, Buraka Som Sistema, Boy 8 Bit and Diplo all did sets that just blew everyone away and it quenched my thirst for some ethnic rhythms and beats and got everyone skanking like they were in a Jamaican dance hall or an Luandan back street. I couldn't even drag myself away to go and see what will probably be a historic one off performance by Kraftwerk, Diplo owned it....

Buraka Som Sistema -
Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) feat. Pongo Love

Florence and the Machine -
Drumming Song (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

Laidback Luke and Diplo - Hey! (L-Vis 1990 Remix)

I'm banging on a bit now, and could go on for longer, so here's the last bit. Late on saturday night after my mind had been blown by the Mad Decent crew, we stumbled upon a tiny tent called the astronaut academy. We had to crawl through a tunnel to get into which wasn't the most desirable of activities at the time, but what was at the end of the tunnel was a surprise that only bestival could conjour up. I saw one of the most diverse dj sets i've ever seen. The guy was killing it in every way mixing up genres all over the place. I never found out what he was called but he had a beard, that's all I know.....imagine one second you've got a classic from the human league, then a wobbler from crookers, then a deep tech house tune from laidback luke and a trak and then a classic police song remixed into distorted electro weapon, It was amazing, a true discovery.....

The Human League - Don't You Want Me (Morsy Mix)

The Police - Roxanne (DiscoTech Remix)

and this one... if you don't know it already, kill yourself you have no hope of a happy life left, it's a get out jail free card for djs but who cares?

New Order - Blue Monday

I can't post music from bands like Fleet Foxes but they were amazing too as were soulwax, 2 many dj's etc.

If you went I hope you had a much fun as me and my friends did. If you didn't go book your ticket for next year, it will never disappoint, it aint called best ival for no reason.....

safe x

Wanna get down & Dirty then give Jakwob a call

My mate Tim loves Jakwob so thought I'd do a little post showing his amazingness and why he is so popular(Not Tim but Jakwob). Jakwob is from Lincoln but resides in London & has been killing it in the Electro/ Dubstep scene. I say Electro/ Dubstep because thats normally the crowd he attracts, the kind of indie/dance seensters. I personally do not belong to this crowd but do love all forms of dance music in their own way.

 The attractiveness of Jakwob is very obvious from outset; He keeps the melodies of tunes, and  the introductions, and then drops in some pretty grimey basslines. So onto the tunes in question.

 First up is a remix of the very popular 'confusion girl' by Frankmusik. It's a very poppy tune so I was intrigued about how Jakwob could make it wobbly. He succeded's very well though in creating, not a deep drop, but an understated wobbly nuance. It works well and is more of one for the ipod not so much for the club.

Next up is a an M.I.A remix that delivers not a dubstep monster but more of  a trembling housey number. It's enjoyable although lacking in allot of energy I feel. It could of done with a bigger drop and more pronounced buildup. This is certainly one for the indie kids.

The next remix is definitely one of my favorite tunes of this month, and oddly it's a Killa Kela remix. It keeps the original songs melody at the start & then drops into a rugged but fun bassline. The lyrics give it a nice sunny feeling while the buildups into the drops bring out it's sooty nature. Anyway have fun with it.

Last up is the obvious one, Ellie Goulding. It's definitely been the tune of the year for many avid music fans. It's certainly a favorite of mine. It's easy to tell why; It's got nice lyrics, a good buildup, a killer drop and the groggiest of basslines. Pretty intoxicating stuff, it's best heard on big speakers & very VERY loud.

Oh also as an added treat would give you this random Dubstep remix I found of an Enter Shikari tune. Personally I don't like that kinda music but the remix is pretty good, anyway enjoy;

Back from Bestival & NAPT

Hello fools, been away for a while due to bestival fun and general laziness so thought I'd give you a couple of tunes to ponder. Also get your tickets in early for bestival next year, because it was absolutely amazing.

 Anyway first up is a Tune by NAPT. The London duo this year won the 2009 Breakspoll award thus I feel they deserve to have a tune of there's featured here. The tune is a real breaks banger using a classic dance sample which I'm sure you'll guess. Anyway enjoy here it on soundcloud. I've also put in their mini mix that won them the Breakspoll award this year, it is truly amazing. Please turn the tunes up loud

Monday, 7 September 2009

11 free tracks on!

11 free tracks always sound good and all you have to do is sign up to Mixmag online. No money needed just your email. Some of the tunes are not that great but even so it's a good showcase of some brilliant artists. Anyway do it for sure

Gashdem's Bestival preview, to get you in the mood

Both me & Joss are off to Bestival this week so I'd though I'd give you a teaser of what we and you might hear (if you're coming that is). There are too many artist on the bill to try and showcase so how about just the ones I like and ones that are DJ's. Even then there are over 40 DJ's on the bill.

Quite obviously I'll start off with Fake Blood. He is of course pretty darn awesome but like many DJ's is a casualty of his own style. So instead of going along with his standardized clubbed up house tunes he's gone down a disco\house road instead. The product is this song 'I think I like it'. Please buy the Fix your accent EP because it's worth every penny. But this is the real delight of the package. You'll enjoy it's light heartedness. You'll hear this for definite Bestival goers but here it is for you anyway;

Next up I'll deal with 3 different acts in one; That is Foamo, Man like me and Dub Pistols. Firstly all 3 are incredible but I'd prioritize the Dub Pistols because they're probably the best Dub band of this and last year. Even so Man like me are good wholesome fun & Foamo is, as you all know, amazing. Here are two tunes for you fools then, enjoy;

Here is a track from the fast rising London boy Jaymo. Electro infused fun that certain crowds will like and others won't. Even so filthy and energetic enjoy.

Next up is a very personal favorite of mine, JOKER! He is one of my favorite dubstep producers and possibly my favorite remixer of this year. Here is a remix of the band The Heavy and it's an absolute gem. Flawless and deep with a pulsating bassline & nice soulful lyrics, enjoy;

L-Vis 1990 is a firm favorite in the London Alternative seen and will be at Bestival. I like his work although never being a complete convert. Although I do really like this remix of the Crystal Fighters. It's unassuming and light but a nice little production, enjoy it and see them at Bestival;

London Elektricity is one of my favorite D n' B acts and I reckon will smack it at Bestival. Their uplifting and positive beats with entrancing lyrics will be remarkable at the dream-like festival. There are a number of tunes I could of chosen but really only ever one winner and thats the Apex remix of their tune of this year 'Just one Second';

I saw Plastician a while ago but can't remember if it was good or not. You will remember this remix though and I think you'll remember if you see them at the festival, because they have got some mad production skills. Anyway enjoy this remix which is of an incredible live act that'll be at the festival as well;

I thought I'd leave you with one that both me & Joss are very excite about, obviously Major Lazer idiots. The creation of Diplo & Switch will be well worth seeing. Truly do bring back dancehall to it's former glory on UK shores. Will be energetic at some moments and then laid back the next, here's a tune you might enjoy;

There will a load of other artists who we love as well so check out the lineup yourself fools. Anyway hope you enjoy the tunes and enjoy Bestival if you're going, it's going to get messy!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Minimal Sounds...

So I've got an absolute beast of a post for you now, full of some tech and tech house tunes and one crashing bleeping and banging electro tune.

First up some wobbly techno beats from across the channel. I've already posted a track from Noob a way back, he's such a sick producer normally he just collaborates with bigger well know producers such as Tiga, Brodinski and Popof but this is his remix of Zero 7 track Medicine Man. It's got that sweet wobbly drumming sound and good build ups, lovely stuff

Zero 7 - Medicine Man (Noob Remix)

So as I said he collaborates with Brodinski, this is Brodinski's track but it's featuring Noob. Brodinski has brought us big tracks in the past such as Goldigger and Bad Runner, they're both class acts. This is another wobbly one

Brodinksi feat. Noob - Peanuts Club

sticking with the French theme, this next track is from Sound Pellegrino artists Momma's Boy. Serious tech heads will hear this track and think it's not really very minimal, those who like the heavier side of electronic music "banging electro" and the like might think it's too minimal. I think it's alright you know, tune!

Momma's Boy - Wedouwedou

Sound Pellegrino is a French label and it's churning out some incredible tech house beats and has signed up some great artists notably Renaissance Man.

Next up a short trip over the border to Germany where Oliver Huntemann is producing some seriously good tech.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Melodrama (Oliver Huntemann Remix)

admittedly this one is a remix but it's still sick. He's been around a while though I think but who cares....

Oliver Huntemann - Shanghai Spinner (Joey Beltram Remix)

Here's one from another German, why are they so gut at de techno ja?

Wolfgang Gartner - Latine Fever

Never heard of this/these producers but this is a is pretty sweet tech house tune, don't think they're German though anyway enjoy....

Bowski - Flip Flop

Last up got an absolute weapon for ya! D.I.M produces some savage electro tunes, anyone remember Is You? of course you do. Anyway this literally fucks with your head this song, actually not your head more like your ears, play it on good speakers, it's a 320 lovely!

D.I.M. & TAI - Lyposuct (Original Mix)

anyways hope you enjoy the all tracks

Be sure to check out YouCanCallMePelski it's one of my favourite blogs and is written by two friends. They just put up a post with some Round Table Knights tracks, sweet upcoming tech producers go clock it!

safe x

Thursday, 3 September 2009

James Brown, in all his remixed glory!!!

James Brown is by far one of mine and Joss's favorite artists. We saw him together back before he died in 2005 and it was one of the greatest nights of my life. So I thought why not showcase his tunes but in remixed form. I personally love remixes because they can help people who don't like pop or indie to engage with it on a genre they find more comfortable. I found most these remixes at

Anyway I'll start it off with an even more funked up version of 'My Thang'.  The original is an absolute cracker and the re-groove just gives a bit of a newfangled makeover. Anyway it's definitely good because right now I'm dancing when I write this, here it is in all it's glory;

Next up is a fearsome remix of 'it's a man's world'. The last remix was funky whilst this is a dubstep banger. It's a bit old but is still a stunning piece of production. It starts of the same way as the original but then suddenly gets darker and darker until the sensational, but light, drop just before the minute mark. Here it is;

Last up is the real pick of the bunch. An absolutely phenomenal Drum & Bass remix. It's done by a bloke from Southampton called Featurecast and check out his MySpace because he's got a load of funky remixes. I literally cannot contain how breathtaking and fun this track is. A true summer remix which doesn't contain too much producing trickery which could of ruined the structure of the track.  I believe it to be perfect and  is now actually my song of the summer. So please please enjoy every ounce of this track and send it to every person you know;

Mixmag Download sale, get em whilst they're hot!

Mixmag has started doing download sales where they sell tracks for 59p. They do it by label, so this week it's Skint Records. That's pretty lucky for you seeing as you'll get all Brighton's legendary DJ tunes on the cheap. Artists such as Fatboy slim, X-Press 2, Dave Clarke, Freq nasty and stanton warriors have all got tracks on the label so it's definitely worth a look into the back catalogue.

Follow the link to the Mixmag site here

Future Hero mix from my mate Mikey and it's pretty darn good

My mate Mikey has been DJing for absolutely ages and has put up a number of mixes online but this is his most recent one. I personally love the Jayvin Mena tune and of course Gramophonedzie, who me and Joss have already talked about, but anyway here it is and the tracklisting enjoy;

1. Minilogue - The Leopard (Extrawelt Remi...x - Han5on's Intro Edit)
2. Guy J - Under Pressure
3. Dennis Ferrer - Sinfonia Della Notte
4. Chris 
Lake & Lys - La Tromba
5. Steve Lawler - Kalimba
6. Jayvin Mena - Monthra (Bart B More Secured Dub)
7. Gramophonedzie - Street Lady
8. Einzelkind - Out With A Bang
9. Cabo San Roque - Calypso 08 (Luciano Remix)
10. Popof - Serenity (Noob Remix)
11. Hugg & Pepp - Babar
12. D-Nox & Beckers - Cala A Boca
13. Cedric Gervais - Mauri's Dream

Post Carnival blues? Well it's cos your a CUNT!!!!!

As probably some of you I'm having post carnival blues. It' s a whole year away so thought I'd put up some tunes which remind me of carnival and generally just make me want to get messy. Anyway I spent my entire time by all saints road so the majority of what I listened to was D n; B. Don't worry though these won't all be tunes from that genre.

So first up is the tune which when dropped made me and the 8 or so friends I was with go absolutely crazy, not to mention the other 300 crazies. It's a sub focus tune so obviously going to be hectic and should not be underestimated. It reminds me a bit of his older stuff like 'X-Ray' but anyway here it is enjoy;

Next up is an Animal collective tune. Animal Collective is a side project of Deekline & Wizard. It reminds me allot of carnival with it's Reggae vibes and universal Drum & Bass beat. Anyway hope you enjoy;

Last up is a tune that makes me laugh. It's interesting but says Cunt more times than I've ever used the word. Even so it's a big fun tune with allot of good samples,.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Get ready for the weekend!!!

Thought I'd help plan your nights out this weekend. There are a number of places to go but here's the pick of the bunch. First up Friday;

Evil nine - They'll be at the Westbury bar in Kilburn which is  one of my favorite little music venues. It's in Kilburn so not too far away from me and it's only  £3 in before 11 and a fiver after. I'd go down for some breaks and house.

Hospitality - The renowned Hospitality night hits up Matter this friday. It may be 15 quid but you'll get allot for ya moolah, High contrast, London Elektricity, Logistics, Cyantific, Danny Byrd, Nu:Tone, Nero, Noisia, and Silkie to say the least. Very hectic but can be done once a month.


D. Ramirez & Audio Jack - Bound to be an amazing night and might be worth seeing some tech-house for once. It's at Matter so bound to be a big one. Expensive but worth it.

Radio Slave - Very exciting stuff. A big Techno & House night. The Berliner will be with Jamie Jones & Terry Francis as well so well worth the 12 quid. It's at Fabric so not too far and will definitely have a great atmosphere.

Anyway have a good weekend and please do try it on with members of the opposite sex.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Soon To Be Huge

Have a listen to this remix from TLGB. It's an absolute banger and this dj/producer is set for big things, already having got the Olive remix played out by Major Lazer on Radio 1.

Olive - Your Not Alone (TLGB Remix)

He's also done a sweet remix of the whining Jack Penate

Jack Penate - Tonight's Today (TLGB Remix)

Here is a tune that I cannot stop listening to at the moment. Such a sweet idea sampling old jazz vocals into a house tune, try and not bounce while listening to this, it's hard....

Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You

Joss x