Saturday, 5 September 2009

Minimal Sounds...

So I've got an absolute beast of a post for you now, full of some tech and tech house tunes and one crashing bleeping and banging electro tune.

First up some wobbly techno beats from across the channel. I've already posted a track from Noob a way back, he's such a sick producer normally he just collaborates with bigger well know producers such as Tiga, Brodinski and Popof but this is his remix of Zero 7 track Medicine Man. It's got that sweet wobbly drumming sound and good build ups, lovely stuff

Zero 7 - Medicine Man (Noob Remix)

So as I said he collaborates with Brodinski, this is Brodinski's track but it's featuring Noob. Brodinski has brought us big tracks in the past such as Goldigger and Bad Runner, they're both class acts. This is another wobbly one

Brodinksi feat. Noob - Peanuts Club

sticking with the French theme, this next track is from Sound Pellegrino artists Momma's Boy. Serious tech heads will hear this track and think it's not really very minimal, those who like the heavier side of electronic music "banging electro" and the like might think it's too minimal. I think it's alright you know, tune!

Momma's Boy - Wedouwedou

Sound Pellegrino is a French label and it's churning out some incredible tech house beats and has signed up some great artists notably Renaissance Man.

Next up a short trip over the border to Germany where Oliver Huntemann is producing some seriously good tech.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Melodrama (Oliver Huntemann Remix)

admittedly this one is a remix but it's still sick. He's been around a while though I think but who cares....

Oliver Huntemann - Shanghai Spinner (Joey Beltram Remix)

Here's one from another German, why are they so gut at de techno ja?

Wolfgang Gartner - Latine Fever

Never heard of this/these producers but this is a is pretty sweet tech house tune, don't think they're German though anyway enjoy....

Bowski - Flip Flop

Last up got an absolute weapon for ya! D.I.M produces some savage electro tunes, anyone remember Is You? of course you do. Anyway this literally fucks with your head this song, actually not your head more like your ears, play it on good speakers, it's a 320 lovely!

D.I.M. & TAI - Lyposuct (Original Mix)

anyways hope you enjoy the all tracks

Be sure to check out YouCanCallMePelski it's one of my favourite blogs and is written by two friends. They just put up a post with some Round Table Knights tracks, sweet upcoming tech producers go clock it!

safe x

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