Thursday, 3 September 2009

James Brown, in all his remixed glory!!!

James Brown is by far one of mine and Joss's favorite artists. We saw him together back before he died in 2005 and it was one of the greatest nights of my life. So I thought why not showcase his tunes but in remixed form. I personally love remixes because they can help people who don't like pop or indie to engage with it on a genre they find more comfortable. I found most these remixes at

Anyway I'll start it off with an even more funked up version of 'My Thang'.  The original is an absolute cracker and the re-groove just gives a bit of a newfangled makeover. Anyway it's definitely good because right now I'm dancing when I write this, here it is in all it's glory;

Next up is a fearsome remix of 'it's a man's world'. The last remix was funky whilst this is a dubstep banger. It's a bit old but is still a stunning piece of production. It starts of the same way as the original but then suddenly gets darker and darker until the sensational, but light, drop just before the minute mark. Here it is;

Last up is the real pick of the bunch. An absolutely phenomenal Drum & Bass remix. It's done by a bloke from Southampton called Featurecast and check out his MySpace because he's got a load of funky remixes. I literally cannot contain how breathtaking and fun this track is. A true summer remix which doesn't contain too much producing trickery which could of ruined the structure of the track.  I believe it to be perfect and  is now actually my song of the summer. So please please enjoy every ounce of this track and send it to every person you know;

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