Friday, 30 October 2009

Back from the motherland

This has been in the pipeline for a while now...but its finally dropped

this is such a huge track, he's back with the electro and techno mashup with the signature dark thrashing synths and some lovely eastern style samples, Proxy really does kill it....

jossa x

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Alix Perez, leading the way for Drum & Bass Albums

People over the past 2 years have slated Drum & Bass. I think it's because people think D n' B is Liquid and that is it. They are of course fools and have not been paying attention to artists like Freq Nasty, Commix, Utah Jazz and Friction who have been keeping the scene fresh. I think it's time people started getting back into the scene. The best person to lead the way is Alix Perez.
You may or may not know this but he very recently released an album entitled '1984'. It truly is a thoughtful album and one that unveils a raw bleakness to the genre. This is not a bad thing and instead turns the album into an instant classic.
Buy it instantly but because I'm nice here's a preview of a couple of the tunes, much love;

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Introducing: The Living Graham Bond

Hello all

So this isn't the first time we've mentioned TLGB aka The Living Graham Bond on this blog, but we thought as he's got an upcoming release it's time to give shouts in the appropriate direction. The man himself has given out a promo mixtape with some of his future original material on it. It's got some wicked othere stuff on it as well, the Justin Martin remix at the end is a banging bouncy tech house

Here it is

"The Incredibly Soft Mixtape"

and here is the tracklist

1. Tonka - Jack Track (TLGBs Little Fiddle)
2. TLGB - Incredibly Soft
3. Savage Skulls - Flabanco
4. Renaissance Man – Canto Della Kalimba (Bootcut Edit)
5. TLGB - Drinkies
6. Drums Of Death - Got Yr Thing (Jesse Rose & Oliver $ Dub)
7. Brodinski & Mumdance - Eurostarr (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
8. TLGB - Ransom
9. Tim Green - Revox (Justin Martin Remix)

I'm really excited about this forthcoming release, he's an exciting new talent. Some people have dubbed him the new Fake Blood, although I don't really believe in doing this. It's similar to when a new young Argentine footballer breaks through everyone labels him the new Marradonna, they're always different. He's different from Fake Blood. There is a more melodic style to his production.

He's already done some big gigs, playing the last Chew The Fat at the Arches. And he has got plenty more on the cards in the future. I'm going to see him at Curriculum tomorrow night at Corsica Studios, come on down for this one, Riva Starr is on the bill too...

He's had support from some big players too. Kissy Sell Out has played him out Radio 1 as did Major Lazer, when they dropped his remix of Olive into their essential mix. When you are getting plays from the likes of Diplo and Switch you can't be doing much wrong...

Anyway, the e.p. drops on the 2nd of November, go out and buy it...

Jossa x

Monday, 26 October 2009

xx remix florence

I had to put this one up, loving it too much right now.....The xx really hit the spot with this one, there's some bone chillingly good sounds throughout the whole song. They've gone all two step on it and given it an old school garage vibe

Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love (The xx Remix)

Enjoy this one, it's special

Zeds Dead

Easy everybody
Sorry about the lack of posts, been very busy with uni work. I recently got sent a nice little package of tunes from Canadian producers Zeds Dead. Their production is very good I really like it, it's heavy stuff, some of their dubstep stuff reminds me of 16bit or Tek-One. You may already know them from the Barletta remix they did which went out on blogs like Hush House. They are pretty fresh on the scene and unfortunately they don't have any dates booked for Europe, soon hopefully. Anyway here are the tunes...

Fenech Soler - LA Love (Zeds Dead Remix)

Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)

Sublime - Doin Time (Zeds Dead Summer Grime Remix)

Radiohead - Pyramid Song (Zeds Dead Illuminati Remix)

There are some serious drops on all of these tracks. Personally my favourite is the Sublime remix, I like the voice samples a lot and of course it's got the trademark big drop.

They also sent me over some of their original production, this one is a bouncy electro track. Check it out it's pretty sick

Zeds Dead - Journey of a Lifetime

There will be some more posts coming soon

enjoy x

Grime, Grime and even more grime

Hello folks. I've been limiting myself to one post a week due to dissertation commitments but I thought give you many tunes to play with. I'm sorry but all of this is Dubstep, with a little UK funky at the end but deal with it.

So first up is a tune I got off the Rub-a-dud blog called Ninja Gaiden. By the way this tuesday Dj Zinc will be at the Dub so get down there, it will be sick. Back to the tune, it's got some good voice samples and  is quite uniform in it's makeup. It's really worth listening to it extremely loud because the low-end is pretty darn good. Anyway enjoy it for what it's worth;

Next up is from someone I thought I'd never have to post, Doorly. I've always been wary of listening much to him because I'm a dance music purist. I'm the kinda guy who hates the idea of 'Ibiza rocks' and the mash-up of dance and Indie. I have kept on checking up on him and I do really like this remix. It's a remix of that new Cadbury's advert. It's dark and subtle that doesn't rely on bass to make the song. Make of it what you will;

If you like Aphex twin's too much you may feel this remix destroys the original but this bootleg is pretty epic. Slick at the start and then drops into a grimy little monster. Dance-floor destroyer right here. It's done by a random person, so can't tell you who it is. Iy is though pretty amazing. Pleas enjoy preferably extremely loud;

I've recently re-discovered the delights of 16bit. He can make both dance-floor tunes and chilled Dubbier tunes at the same time. This falls into the first category. The industrial/transformersesque  madness makes this an ideal big-system tune. Please though when you download this go onto youtube and check out all his tunes, pretty awesome stuff;

As an added bonus here's 16bit's incredible toxic

And last up a little bit off the new Giant Pussy Records, Deekline & WIzards new label. Expect very VERY big things from them over the next year.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Songs for mid-october blues

Nothing really goes on mid-october so though I'd give you some tunes to mull over for a while. Oh also if any of you fools are in the toon head over to Zap at digital this friday to see my homeboy Dandy DJ.

dJ Fresh has released a new tune called 'Hypercaine' which, personally, I feel is quite average. Thankfully Nero lends a helping hand to bring it to a higher standard. It's a builder which heads into a dark and sinful bassline that would be welcome at Cosmic on a tuesday (without all the posers of course). Enjoy it, it is pretty awesome;

Next up is a tune mr Jay Fontaine over at the Dub blog posted by a bloke called Altimeter. It's a positive little number with a dark bassline that Makes a rainy day seem sunny. It's a bit repetitive but it's a slick little production;

Next up a fun and funky tune by none over than soul legends the Brothers Johnson. The original to the tune is amazing but the this little re-dub by some Norwegian bloke called Todd Terje gives it more lift and modernity to it's 'soul'.  Anyway enjoy its funkiness;

Next up an old school tune from garage royalty. You may of heard of m-beat from the Ali-g film, they did that tune 'incredible'. This tune epitomizes the 90's garage and jungle scene, Has Jamaican roots but with big beats and soul samples included. It's a real delight, simple but heavy. If you played this at a rave the roof would be torn off I reckon. Anyway here it is, listen on loud speakers;

The next two songs are too good to give away for free but have a listen and go out and get them. The first one is from the new Modelsektor Body Language Vol. 8 Album. It is actually probably my favourite tune of the past month. It's a real modern garge banger. Good lyrics, sick drops and a fantastic bassline. Please listen and then go out and buy that whole album.

Finally the next sub Focus album has arrived and it is amazing, as predicted. He has created an album of very very little flaws. The tune i'm gonna put up is by far the best. It starts so nice and happy with an uplifting piano solo and then go's into this electro tinged dubstep beat. Real good fun, be prepared to hear tis on many a night out, i hope.

Epic nights equal no work, don't worry though I've got some very heavy tunes for ya

Alright me lover's, I've been away in Manchester for a while and thus have been away from my computer. I ended up seeing some pretty amazing producers and Dj's along my way though which is very lucky for you guys. Not all these are new tune but they are all TUNES, trust me. So enough with the preamble.

I was at the Warehouse Project last saturday for the Ape 4th birthday bash with an incredible myriad of DJ's. Congo Natty was really the only person I could really remember but he was truly amazing. Freq Nasty was there as well who is one of the most unique breakbeat dj's of really my generation. So in honor of that i thought I'd give you one of his bangers, enjoy;

On monday I ended up seeing Deadmau5 in Newcastle. I went into the gig with allot of apprehension though. If you are a fan of Deadmau5 on Facebook you would have realized he has got the most goonish of all fans, always commenting and forever worshipping him. I've also got his new album and to be honest it's boring. It's not as good as his first and has got allot of filler. Even so he did one thing very right on the night, he ended with strobe. So here it is, a shortened edit, for your ears;

Monday, 12 October 2009

New Duplates...

Skream is back! although did he ever go? Everything this young Croydon lad does turns to gold. No wonder big players such as Diplo want to collaborate and play alongside with him, he's class. And he can play alongside anyone and stills kills it, even if it's not a Dubstep orientated night.

I've got two new remixes from him, which he's giving away to all the lucky people out there. Anyone remember a certain La Roux remix he gave away for free just under a year ago? Quite a memorable one!

Bat For Lashes - Pearls Dream (Skream's Pour Another Glass of Champers Remix)

Chromeo - Night By Night (Skream Remix)

This is a pretty new producuer called Altimeter, who normally produces more chilled out dubstep, but he's gone for some wobbly stuff here, loving the vocal samples in this one...

Altimeter - Yout Man

James Blake is another one who is set to rip up the scene. He's an interesting producer as he comes from a very musical background, he plays the piano at a ridiculous grade and has composed pieces of classical music. He's from and based in Scotland so if you in Edinburgh try and catch him. Can't put out his tunes on the blog but have a listen to this youtube clip of Air and Lack Thereof and buy his e.p. if you like it, he is on Untold's label Hemlock

I think this tune is stunning, very experimental but could fit in being played out to dancefloor

Enjoy the tracks x

Monday, 5 October 2009

Your Ears Will Be Black And Blue

Continuing a little bit with the Scandinavian theme now, got some Miike Snow remixes to post. Black and Blue is the latest of his stuff to get the attention, and this time from more than one big producer. England's very own Radio1 rascals Jaymo & Andy George give it a good working over, as does Turbo head honcho Tiga. The other remix is by newcomers Savage Skulls, I assume their pretty new anyway, don't know that much about them apart from that they are from Sweden like Miike Snow, and that Lee Mortimer has been sniffing around wanting to sign them on his label Dubsided, hardly surprising really, judging by this remix their is plenty of good stuff to come out of them...go on Lee

Miike Snow - Black and Blue (Tiga Remix)

Miike Snow - Black and Blue (Jaymo & Andy George Remix)

Miike Snow - Black and Blue (Savage Skulls Remix)

Also I have to throw these two tracks into the pot, because they are too good

Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)

This is big on a new level, Joker is killing it, he is really set for big things, with his own signature sound.

And last up, a remix from AC Slater who has done remixes in the past that I love. This one is a wobbler, no surprise there though it's got a big drop listen to it on good speakers or headphones...

Juiceboxxx - 100mph (AC Slater Remix)

found these last two over at the Hush House blog, so shouts to the hush family...

enjoy x

I'm back, and I got some good bootleg's

I'm sorry I've not been posting for a while but all my google accounts were mysteriously deleted. But anyway I'm back and ready to deliver some fantastic tunes. I got two bootleg's to start with. Both of tunes that you'll recognise.

So firstly is a song you'll know if you've watched Live & Let Die, the James Bond film. An absolute beauty of song made by Paul McCartney it's a true tune without having to be remixed. The remix makes it accessible to the D n' B audience and turns into a tune worth dropping at a house party. It keeps the original intro, which is what I love about it, but then goes into the epic chorus before turning into a rough and ready Drum & Bass monster. Well anyway here it is for you little terrors;

Next up is a daft punk Bootleg of 'One More Time'. It's very hard to remix Daft Punk due to how perfect and accessible to a wide audience their tunes are. But this remix is nice. It's not perfect but It's enjoyable, also could be dropped to a pretty willing audience. Anyway here it is and just wait for the 5 min mark;

Sunday, 4 October 2009


Got a little something from Scandinavia for you now. I found out about this guy off the wonderful Data Sapiens blog his name is Andycap and he makes some lovely house beats. Have a look at his myspace , there is lots of good stuff on there and you can check forthcoming releases etc....

First up here's a remix he did of Steve Angello of the Swedish House Mafia, it's got big club tune written all over it.

Steve Angello - Tivoli (Andycap Remix)

Next two tracks are Andycaps own...

Andycap - Korma

Andycap - Hackett

Exciting producer, definitely one to watch


Friday, 2 October 2009

Jack Beats Magic

Florence and the Machine, she's all the rage right now. Her debut album was nominated for the Mercury Prize. She has got a great voice, and dj's and producers have definitely taken that into account. Boy 8 Bit's remix of Drumming Song is a big tune, getting plays from everyone all over the place. Time for these two lads.....

to work their wobbly magic once more, this is not their heaviest of remixes but by no means is it not their finest hour. Their sound has evolved a bit recently. This remix is not straight up in your face "fidget" house like previous remixes, but it's still brilliant, even better dare I say....

Florence and the Machine - Drumming Song (Jack Beats Remix)

Lovely stuff, if it's wobbles you love, get a copy of the UFO's a must have for "fidget" house fiends

enjoy x