Thursday, 15 October 2009

Songs for mid-october blues

Nothing really goes on mid-october so though I'd give you some tunes to mull over for a while. Oh also if any of you fools are in the toon head over to Zap at digital this friday to see my homeboy Dandy DJ.

dJ Fresh has released a new tune called 'Hypercaine' which, personally, I feel is quite average. Thankfully Nero lends a helping hand to bring it to a higher standard. It's a builder which heads into a dark and sinful bassline that would be welcome at Cosmic on a tuesday (without all the posers of course). Enjoy it, it is pretty awesome;

Next up is a tune mr Jay Fontaine over at the Dub blog posted by a bloke called Altimeter. It's a positive little number with a dark bassline that Makes a rainy day seem sunny. It's a bit repetitive but it's a slick little production;

Next up a fun and funky tune by none over than soul legends the Brothers Johnson. The original to the tune is amazing but the this little re-dub by some Norwegian bloke called Todd Terje gives it more lift and modernity to it's 'soul'.  Anyway enjoy its funkiness;

Next up an old school tune from garage royalty. You may of heard of m-beat from the Ali-g film, they did that tune 'incredible'. This tune epitomizes the 90's garage and jungle scene, Has Jamaican roots but with big beats and soul samples included. It's a real delight, simple but heavy. If you played this at a rave the roof would be torn off I reckon. Anyway here it is, listen on loud speakers;

The next two songs are too good to give away for free but have a listen and go out and get them. The first one is from the new Modelsektor Body Language Vol. 8 Album. It is actually probably my favourite tune of the past month. It's a real modern garge banger. Good lyrics, sick drops and a fantastic bassline. Please listen and then go out and buy that whole album.

Finally the next sub Focus album has arrived and it is amazing, as predicted. He has created an album of very very little flaws. The tune i'm gonna put up is by far the best. It starts so nice and happy with an uplifting piano solo and then go's into this electro tinged dubstep beat. Real good fun, be prepared to hear tis on many a night out, i hope.

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