Friday, 2 October 2009

Jack Beats Magic

Florence and the Machine, she's all the rage right now. Her debut album was nominated for the Mercury Prize. She has got a great voice, and dj's and producers have definitely taken that into account. Boy 8 Bit's remix of Drumming Song is a big tune, getting plays from everyone all over the place. Time for these two lads.....

to work their wobbly magic once more, this is not their heaviest of remixes but by no means is it not their finest hour. Their sound has evolved a bit recently. This remix is not straight up in your face "fidget" house like previous remixes, but it's still brilliant, even better dare I say....

Florence and the Machine - Drumming Song (Jack Beats Remix)

Lovely stuff, if it's wobbles you love, get a copy of the UFO's a must have for "fidget" house fiends

enjoy x

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  1. i reckon this is one of their best production in a lonnngg time, or at least their most 'mature' so far, there's only so far you take the whole filthy wobble thing...