Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Ride With It

As the snow starts to fall outside I turn the heating up a couple of notches and dream of sunnier shores. Christmas is fast approaching, the time to stay indoors and relax amongst and good beat or two. I've chucked together a rather mismatch batch of house and downtempo tunes for your listening and downloading pleasure. Amongst these is Nicolas Jaar's warped remix of Billy Jean a must have for all fans of Jaar's slow and pulsating sound.

Jaar's first full LP should be coming out at the beginning of 2011 so keep eyes peeled. Enjoy the tracks

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


With a background in guitar music and it's production it is no coincidence that James Welch's (Seams) music has the clean and organic feel that so many producers crave to have associated with their music. It helps that he uses a cassette dictaphone to capture field recordings which he then uses in his songs. His release on London based recording label Pictures consists of tracks which use the recordings made over a summer spent in Berlin. If you visit his soundcloud you can have a listen to Nightcycles which uses snippets of sound from a night time bike ride through the city.

He's exciting young producer with a fresh perspective on music production, context is important to him...

“As I don’t write songs with words, recreating moods and experiences is much more what I’m about I guess. There is still a meaning behind the music, it’s just slightly less literal. When people told me they listened to “Nightcycles” when riding their bikes at night, that totally was a win for me.”

Seams makes an interesting strain of electronica and is surely one to be watched...

Jossa x

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Solar Funk

Kyle Hall is now widely known as one of the best young talents in Detroit music. This brilliant slab of shuffling beats, funky synths and warped vocals is testament to that fact. If one were to come up with some kind of over the top genre name for this kind of music it would go along the lines of cosmic jazz funk...

From a Detroit citizen proper, to a German whose name stands as a tribute to the influence that music from the Michigan city has had on him. I've posted many times about Motor City Drum Ensemble but there never seems a point to stop. This young and very talented producer has had countless releases that have blown people away. This remix of Caribou's "Leave House" is deep vocal heavy beauty. A nice heavy bass line and tinny drums are fused together to create what I consider to one of the best remixes of Caribou around.

Danish Kenton Slash Demon had one of the best releases of 2009 in Khattabi. This is a track off a recent release called Sun. Very nice rolling bass line and snappy beat is complimented by great vocals and sampling. Check out their Myspace and the video for this track it's great.


Monday, 1 November 2010

Pelski Presents @ Counter Culture

I have not been posting a lot recently. The lack of internet at my flat and the rigours of the 3rd year of university have made it hard to update regularly.

Nevertheless, I have to turn your attention towards this event. It is not to be missed. A stellar line up in an amazing venue just south of the river. Jackmode, the Berlin based booking and management agency have teamed up the Pelski boys to create a night of tribal infused house mayhem.

Room 1: Jackmode
Christian Martin (Turbo / Dirtybird)
Zombie Disco Squad (Made To Play)

Room 2: Pelski Presents
Round Table Knights (Made To Play / Dirtybird)
Midland (Aus / Phonica)
Mr Sold Gold & Park Ranger (Trouble Vision)

Booking a ticket in advance would be very wise as the queue will be of the large variety. Here is a link to the Resident Advisor page.

To get a snippet of a taste of what is to be expected from the dj's on the night. Here is Midland's fantastic remix of Caribou and an exclusive mix by the Round Table Knights

Event details: Counter Culture, 7-9 Crucifix Lane,
London Tube station: London Bridge
Saturday November 6th 2010
10.00 til Late

With some amazing dj's and producers on show it will be a great night of bouncy tropical/tribal infused house and tech house.

Make sure you book your ticket and head down, and download the free tunes...