Wednesday, 17 November 2010


With a background in guitar music and it's production it is no coincidence that James Welch's (Seams) music has the clean and organic feel that so many producers crave to have associated with their music. It helps that he uses a cassette dictaphone to capture field recordings which he then uses in his songs. His release on London based recording label Pictures consists of tracks which use the recordings made over a summer spent in Berlin. If you visit his soundcloud you can have a listen to Nightcycles which uses snippets of sound from a night time bike ride through the city.

He's exciting young producer with a fresh perspective on music production, context is important to him...

“As I don’t write songs with words, recreating moods and experiences is much more what I’m about I guess. There is still a meaning behind the music, it’s just slightly less literal. When people told me they listened to “Nightcycles” when riding their bikes at night, that totally was a win for me.”

Seams makes an interesting strain of electronica and is surely one to be watched...

Jossa x

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