Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Solar Funk

Kyle Hall is now widely known as one of the best young talents in Detroit music. This brilliant slab of shuffling beats, funky synths and warped vocals is testament to that fact. If one were to come up with some kind of over the top genre name for this kind of music it would go along the lines of cosmic jazz funk...

From a Detroit citizen proper, to a German whose name stands as a tribute to the influence that music from the Michigan city has had on him. I've posted many times about Motor City Drum Ensemble but there never seems a point to stop. This young and very talented producer has had countless releases that have blown people away. This remix of Caribou's "Leave House" is deep vocal heavy beauty. A nice heavy bass line and tinny drums are fused together to create what I consider to one of the best remixes of Caribou around.

Danish Kenton Slash Demon had one of the best releases of 2009 in Khattabi. This is a track off a recent release called Sun. Very nice rolling bass line and snappy beat is complimented by great vocals and sampling. Check out their Myspace and the video for this track it's great.


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