Thursday, 15 October 2009

Epic nights equal no work, don't worry though I've got some very heavy tunes for ya

Alright me lover's, I've been away in Manchester for a while and thus have been away from my computer. I ended up seeing some pretty amazing producers and Dj's along my way though which is very lucky for you guys. Not all these are new tune but they are all TUNES, trust me. So enough with the preamble.

I was at the Warehouse Project last saturday for the Ape 4th birthday bash with an incredible myriad of DJ's. Congo Natty was really the only person I could really remember but he was truly amazing. Freq Nasty was there as well who is one of the most unique breakbeat dj's of really my generation. So in honor of that i thought I'd give you one of his bangers, enjoy;

On monday I ended up seeing Deadmau5 in Newcastle. I went into the gig with allot of apprehension though. If you are a fan of Deadmau5 on Facebook you would have realized he has got the most goonish of all fans, always commenting and forever worshipping him. I've also got his new album and to be honest it's boring. It's not as good as his first and has got allot of filler. Even so he did one thing very right on the night, he ended with strobe. So here it is, a shortened edit, for your ears;

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