Thursday, 3 September 2009

Post Carnival blues? Well it's cos your a CUNT!!!!!

As probably some of you I'm having post carnival blues. It' s a whole year away so thought I'd put up some tunes which remind me of carnival and generally just make me want to get messy. Anyway I spent my entire time by all saints road so the majority of what I listened to was D n; B. Don't worry though these won't all be tunes from that genre.

So first up is the tune which when dropped made me and the 8 or so friends I was with go absolutely crazy, not to mention the other 300 crazies. It's a sub focus tune so obviously going to be hectic and should not be underestimated. It reminds me a bit of his older stuff like 'X-Ray' but anyway here it is enjoy;

Next up is an Animal collective tune. Animal Collective is a side project of Deekline & Wizard. It reminds me allot of carnival with it's Reggae vibes and universal Drum & Bass beat. Anyway hope you enjoy;

Last up is a tune that makes me laugh. It's interesting but says Cunt more times than I've ever used the word. Even so it's a big fun tune with allot of good samples,.

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