Thursday, 17 September 2009

Wanna get down & Dirty then give Jakwob a call

My mate Tim loves Jakwob so thought I'd do a little post showing his amazingness and why he is so popular(Not Tim but Jakwob). Jakwob is from Lincoln but resides in London & has been killing it in the Electro/ Dubstep scene. I say Electro/ Dubstep because thats normally the crowd he attracts, the kind of indie/dance seensters. I personally do not belong to this crowd but do love all forms of dance music in their own way.

 The attractiveness of Jakwob is very obvious from outset; He keeps the melodies of tunes, and  the introductions, and then drops in some pretty grimey basslines. So onto the tunes in question.

 First up is a remix of the very popular 'confusion girl' by Frankmusik. It's a very poppy tune so I was intrigued about how Jakwob could make it wobbly. He succeded's very well though in creating, not a deep drop, but an understated wobbly nuance. It works well and is more of one for the ipod not so much for the club.

Next up is a an M.I.A remix that delivers not a dubstep monster but more of  a trembling housey number. It's enjoyable although lacking in allot of energy I feel. It could of done with a bigger drop and more pronounced buildup. This is certainly one for the indie kids.

The next remix is definitely one of my favorite tunes of this month, and oddly it's a Killa Kela remix. It keeps the original songs melody at the start & then drops into a rugged but fun bassline. The lyrics give it a nice sunny feeling while the buildups into the drops bring out it's sooty nature. Anyway have fun with it.

Last up is the obvious one, Ellie Goulding. It's definitely been the tune of the year for many avid music fans. It's certainly a favorite of mine. It's easy to tell why; It's got nice lyrics, a good buildup, a killer drop and the groggiest of basslines. Pretty intoxicating stuff, it's best heard on big speakers & very VERY loud.

Oh also as an added treat would give you this random Dubstep remix I found of an Enter Shikari tune. Personally I don't like that kinda music but the remix is pretty good, anyway enjoy;

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