Thursday, 27 August 2009

I'm back and He's Back

What it do family? Been ages since I've even looked at my blogger. Been having a very eventful summer, doing this and that, going hither and thither. Most importantly though I've heard a lot of sick new music.

Of course my blog is, at the very least, going to be a few days behind the flawlessly up to date gaggle of bigger and longer running blogs that I read. And I'm not even going to try to compete with the punctuality of the Hype Machine aka The Megatron. I'm going to post a couple of tracks which I know have already on been on bigger blogs for at least week now. So I apologize to anyone who might be offended by the fact that i'm so behind the times....ha

Anyway enough rambling. Back in July I went to Glade festival at the Matterley Bowl in Winchester. If you were ever thinking about going to it, stop thinking and do it, just go. I thought about going in 2008 and missed out when I didn't. What struck me about Glade was the wide variety of genres of music being played. You can go from watching the likes of 2Bit Thugs dropping the wobbliest ghetto weapons around, to someone likes Kaynes or Far Too Loud pumping out psychedelic beats. It's such a good mix....I recommend it highly

So first up here's a remix from one of my favorite dj's and producers. I thought Fake Blood, was a bit off colour when I heard his Miike Snow remix and the one of Calvin Harris. Both poor compared to his normal standards. This is vintage Fake Blood though, the reverberating bass line, the chopped up vocals spelling out his name. So so sick....

The Gossip - Love Long Distance (Fake Blood Remix)

And another one from another favorite producer of mine. La Roux is the remix whore everyone is wanting a piece of that, she's being shafted from all angles. Jack Beats have come along and of course they have turned I'm Not Your Toy into a wobbly dancefloor weapon. They kept the bit when she sings all nice as well, how nice of them....

La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)

Actually I think Jack Beats wobblier stuff is getting a little bit boring. On the recent ep they released I prefer Labyrinth to U.F.O (K-Hole Riddim). Labyrinth isn't as straight up in your wobbly bass and horrendous drops, it's more subtle, like their remixes of Florence and The Machine and Patrick Wolf. Check these all out on their Myspace if you haven't already heard them....Also buy a copy of Fake Blood's new e.p. Fix Your Accent it's sick!!!!

One last thing, best moment of Glade for me was when Drop the Lime dropped AC Slater's Mix of his own tune Hear Me, and still sung the vocals live, Incredible!

Drop The Lime - Hear Me (AC Slater Remix)

Enjoy The Rest of Your Summer.....Roll On Carnival and Bestival!!!

Safety x

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