Thursday, 7 January 2010

I've returned from my sabbatical

I have not written for a while due to my heavy load of work parted with chronic laziness. I has been cured though, I assure you. So to say sorry here is a massive post to tend to your musical needs.

Jump up Dubstep

So first up is a little known artist called 501 who over the past few months has been making some filthy jump up Dubstep. This tune is a true club banger which would make any crowd nod their heads towards the DJ. It is a homage to that industrial, transform-esqe, truly electronic sound that became very prominent in the last quarter of 2009. Anyway enjoy responsibly.

With it I though I'd put a true banger which as well is very club friendly, of course it's Benga. I loved 'Man On A Mission' when it first came out but this Chef VIP adds a bit more bounce to it. Deep beats and a rolling bassline make it an ideal tune to get you moving.


I never like Kings of leon. My sister liked them about 6 years ago and were alright but they just sound whiney. I did like 'Milk' though and it's always seemed to be quite 'epic'. Anyway Dub & Run have created a simple bouncey version. The original is pretty depressing and like the original it keeps that omnipresent darkness and simplicity. The bouncey bassline dub keeps it going and makes it a nice little remix.

When I came across this a moth ago I immediately felt this was a truly brilliant remix. It is a remix of Oddysey. Housey but light with an indie feel may seem like an off putting description but I really do not do it justice. Rumbling but deep it is enjoyable and emotional. I think most people should like this so please download it;

Tech/ Dubstep

Phaeleh at the moment is one of my favorite producers and luckily a month or so ago he released an absolute scorching EP. The tune I've decided to give you is a pretty beautiful song. It really shows the range of the genre, this could be soundtrack music. Light and techy with Indian sounds it's a perfect song for dusk. Please enjoy but download the full EP to get the even more brilliant 'Beautiful Lies'.

The new Martyn Fabriclive CD is not for the faint hearted, or those who have an aversion to Techno. The song that really caught my eye was this tune by Maddslinky. It's weird and wonderful with a nice little 2-step bounce to it with a xylophone playing in the background. Anyway enjoy, if you can.

Some Oldies

Two tunes I've recently rediscovered are absolute gems but both very different. Method mans album 'The Prequel' has got some nice tunes on it but most prolifically is 'Afterparty'. It feature Ghostface Killer as well as an added bonus. I like it mostly due to string instruments featuring quite prominently making an extremely catchy beat. Enjoy, it is awesome.

I found this lying at the end of my itunes and made me feel very dirty indead, only Noiz & Excisions could do this to me. It reminds me of Von Stroke's 'Vocal Chords' due to it being largely composed of a mans voice. It's dark and dirty with a horrific bassline. Enjoy extremely loudly;

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