Friday, 29 January 2010

Deep Days Vol. 1 might be worth getting

I recently got hold of a compilation mix by Doppelganger which I think many of you might enjoy. Deep House has had some what of a revival in the past year and although this is not strictly just deep it has quite an authoritative thumb on the musical pulse of current Dance music. I won't give you the whole thing but instead press you to buy it from here, instead here are two of the tunes I most enjoyed.

The first tune is by French producer Nhar. This isn't really such a Deep House tune as it's more Tech-House. Even so it has a nice gradual build and some nice ominous beats. Those who don't put in the time to listen will think it goes nowhere but wait till the 4th minute and it will delve into different depths;

Ante Perry is no stranger in Dortmund but over here he most probably is. 'Tasty' is a pretty sophisticated tune with it's continuous central beat. Even so it builds well and has nice overlapping lyrics. This is in many ways the kind of song not many people listen to or download but is loved on a big night out. Anyway enjoy;

Anyway get the mix or download the tunes individually.

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