Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Bringing you some tunes straight out of the frying pan state today. VVV is a producer from Austin, Texas is the US of A. He blends dubstep, 2-step, garage and his own experimental touch together to create some top tunes. The sound is not dissimilar to the one coming out of the UK at the moment. He's getting a big rep on dubstep and future garage forums and has stuff scheduled for release on the same label as Shortuff....

VVV - Untitled 4

This track reminds me a lot of Burial's work. 2-step beat, stabbing synths and a subby bass line, there are some pretty trippy vocal samples underneath the whole thing.

VVV - Learning Curve

This one has got another 2-step percussive beat, deep bassline, good vocal snippets throughout and some poky synths.

Good stuff


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