Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Darling of the East

When you think of the Middle East, clubbing and electronic music doesn't instantly spring to mind. Darling Farah is changing that, he's already been hyped up in the blogosphere, but rightly so. His productions vary from being heavy electro style to more minimal housey format.

James Blake (whose track Air and Lack Thereof features in the 09 top 25) is killing it too, although there productions vary in style and genre. His haunting track Sparing the Horses has been given a working over from Darling Farah, who isn't even old enough to get into a club yet, let alone DJ in one. He gives it a more ravey feel, adding in more filter and buildups, it certainly adds more club appeal to the track.....

James Blake - Sparing the Horses (Darling Farah Underage Rave Mix)

Both are young, very talented and highly original in their production ideas. Keep at least one eye peeled....

Jossa x

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