Saturday, 14 November 2009


If anyone asked me previous to getting hold of this album whether Wu-Tang Clan could be remixed I would have probably said no. Now I'm offended it's not been done before. I especially like Method Man, RZA & Masta Killa and their voices suit perfectly the dark levels that Dubstep can take you to. Anyway I'll give you two tunes as a little teaser to the album but it is seriously worth buying.

First up is a remix by Soroka a Brooklyn based DJ. The tune has a nice orchestral and wobbly start up until the two minute mark. Then the lyrics of GZA and Ghostface get dropped in. Dark but pretty sublime.
The Next remix is by big boys Baobinga & I'D. This tune puts more emphasis on Method Mans lyrics with a raw low end wobble.
Even if you do not like either of these two be sure to check out the album, it's got remixes by DZ, Stenchman and Scuba. I personally love this Hip-Hop/ Dubstep cross over.

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