Wednesday, 4 November 2009

User friendly

You always need songs that can appeal to people from different musical tastes. Here's a couple of tunes that do do that.

Everyone seems to love a bit of Rusko. The majority of people like him, bar the Dubstep purists. He's done a remix of that new Basement Jaxx and Sam Sparro tune 'feelings'. I find the original a tad boring. This mix makes it accessible on a night out. Perfect for a student dj at a pretty good student night. No matter what it doesn't innovate or give us anything new but it is enjoyable. Make up your own mind.

Eryka Badu is a popular one and I have a nice, but oldish, remix of one of his tunes. It's a soul infused house number. Fun and glitchy it's also a very accessible song. It's by a bloke called Seiji who I don't know much about. All I know is that he's from London and has made a stripped done ghetto house tune that is pretty darn enjoyable.

Hope you enjoy both the tunes and whoever is in London I suspect will be watching 16Bit right now. I'll let you all know how Joker goes on friday x

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