Saturday, 14 November 2009

Remix time

Remixing is what I love allot. Making songs more accessible to people who are genre bound is a great thing. The remixes I'm gonna are offer are thus of very very big tunes.
First up is a remix of 2pac's 'Do For Love'. The original is one of Pac's best songs and the remix is too. It starts of with original rhythm with a D n' B beat. When the lyrics hit in the true beauty of the song emerges.

'Teardrops' is by many seen as an untouchable song. It is basically perfect. I do though welcome a fresh remix and Mad Professor has done just that. My mate Oli got me onto it and I thank him for it. It's a dubby little version that doesn't take much away but I reckon if you like that Florence and the Machine remix then you'll enjoy this.
Anyway enjoy the tunes, I also put in the greatest remix of a Jay-Z classic that you might or might not know, please enjoy them all;

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