Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Play Doe Dub Attack

We've got a handfull of hefty dubplates for you today, All differing in their style and production...

The man from Bristol who can do no wrong, Joker, teams up with Rustie on this one. Bringing you a tune that is brimming over with the funky style that we've come to expect from their production. It's not really grime, it's not really dubstep, it's just Joker.....

removed by artists request

I love Zomby's production it tends to be quite trippy. With a strong techy/psychedelic feel. But what I love the most about him is his use of old school beats. This remix has a wicked old school rave style beat over the bleepy synths; Lovely stuff....

The Brown Acid - Try Humanity (Zomby's Vitamin E Remix)

Skream, he needs no introduction. He's gone on a wobble tip with this track. I love the dubby sampling at the beginning, need to look for the original track...

Uzul Prod - Rumble inna Station (Skream Remix)

Remember Sidney Samson's bleepy electro house tune Riverside? Of course you do it's still being rinsed in clubs all over the place. Breakage goes at this one, bringing in a very nice beat and chopping up the original synth hook so it's not quite so annoying...this is huge!

Sidney Samson - Riverside (Breakage Remix)


enjoy x

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