Sunday, 22 November 2009

Set Me Free

Time for a big post now, full of house tracks sure to make you bounce like the character above, Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout who as you can see has a lower body made entirely of springs, so he's probably somewhat an expert on the activity.

Drop the Lime's most recent release Set Me Free has been remixed by Reso and Zombie Disco Squad to name two of many. Harvard Bass's effort is by my favourite, it's a very stabby house remix with a nice breakdown and drop. I can't get enough of this at the moment...

Drop the Lime - Set Me Free (Harvard Bass Remix)

Keeping in sync with the stabbing, bouncy house vibe. Here's a remix from CrashBleepBang favourite Riva Starr. And once again there's a nice build up and drop into some very bouncy synth stabs

Reekay Garcia - Back To The Beat (Riva Starr Remix)

This next one is very interesting and sure to kick off a crazed gypsy dance-off in whatever situation it's played out in. Balkan Beat Box make the original track, one which Diplo has sampled before, but I just can't remember where. I don't know too much about them, but they are a brass ensemble who play gigs in very exotic places like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva (I don't know where that is). Anyway, this is a remix by INSPKTR and it's sweet.

Balkan Beat Box - Bulgarian Chicks (INSPKTR Bootleg)

Malente and Dex are up next and following on from the gypsy theme. The German producers who team up quite often, who make some very interesting music have made another very bouncy house tune. They've sampled some gypsy style horns and vocal stabs. Very nice stuff, check out all their stuff, including the Jan Driver Remix of their track Lions, which you can cop over at the brilliant you can call me pelski blog.

Malente & Dex - Gipsy Kings (feat. Analogik)

I posted the Noob and Brodinksi collaboration Peanut Club a while back. Here's the Momma's Boy Remix. As I've said before, eyes open for Sound Pelligrino releases they tend to be very sick.

Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club (Momma's Boy Remix)

This is one that's been on quite heavy rotation on the blogs. So admittedly i'm quite late posting this one up, but I couldn't give fuck really. Dubbel Dutch has consistently made tunes that I like, remixing people's tunes and making his own. He is definitely a favourite of mine, although I do tend to use that word a bit too much. This one is a remix of Daniel Haaksman, I like the percussion in the beat and the nice warped vocal samples, very good work.

Daniel Haaksman - Kid Conga feat. MC Miltinho (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

This next one made me very happy when I heard it for the first time. Trust me this is not what you expect, but You will recognize almost instantly where the sample was used and by who and for what song.

Najat Aatabou - Just Tell Me The Truth

So I hope i've collected together a nice little group of tunes for you to all bounce around to. Hope you enjoy em


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