Sunday, 1 November 2009

November, Tunes to keep you warm on the cold nights

November has dawned. The days are getting darker and the nights are getting colder. How about some songs to keep you moving on them bleak chilly nights.

Most people feel that remixing a Daft Punk tune is a bit like going to a Coldplay concert on ecstasy; It's pointless, you feel like you're gonna be sick and you're never gonna come up. This remix though is pretty darn good. Housey, Dubsteppy and bouncy make it fun and filthy at the same time. Make up your own mind about it but I find it f-ing enjoyable;

Dirty dirty dirty is what comes to mind when listening to Passive & Aggressive. Check their myspace for their 'Block, Rockin Beats' remix it's pretty sick. Back onto this track it's a filthy wobbly little number. Best for a party, preferably big speakers;

Me and Joss don't like to talk too much about La Roux, we find her voice a bit over-rated (and a bit annoying). We do both like Boy 8-bit though. He's done a nice little remix of, Quicksand, which may not have heard before. He transforms the tune from Electro pop into a rumbling tech-house melody. It's epic but quite chilled. Make of it what you will;

I think Emalkay is one of the best Dubstep producers of this year. This remix will probably convert you if you already don't love him. It's a remix of Adam Freeland who is very pro people remixing his material. Emalkay keeps the vocals but gives it some nice little wobbles. He doesn't over complicate and the results are pretty amazing. I also thought I'd put one of my favorite Freeland remixes with it as well. The tune is absolutely sublime, simple but beautiful;

Last a remix from everyone's favorite remixer, NumberNin6. His remix of Breathe has been played up and down the country at almost every Dubstep or Breakbeat night. This remix is of Rob Sparx's new tune 'What You Gonna Do'. Like Breathe this is a BIG tune. Grotty, Grimey, Filthy, call it what you will but it's a proper big sound system production. Go mental for this one;

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