Tuesday, 17 November 2009

On a quiet tip

I'm a big fan of 16 Bit's work. They shocked everyone when they released Chainsaw Calligraphy, possibly one of the filthiest and yet most inventive dubstep tunes around. And since then they have been making some big tracks. Check out Cobra if you haven't heard it already it's a tidy bit of production featuring some sweet sitar samples at the beginning.

I got my hands on these a couple of days ago and was once again shocked to find that these boys have started producing more chilled out stuff, I'm loving the more chilled vibe at the moment. So it's out with the chainsaw samples, in with the garage style samples and a less aggressive beat.

16 Bit - Twice

16 Bit - Shallow

top stuff from the West Londoners. Try and catch them live, they put on a good show. And be sure to show them love on both Myspace and Beatport....

Jossa x

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