Tuesday, 10 November 2009

From Russia with Love

Russian electro house producer Polymorphic has recently released a new ep. If you like your tunes dark and dirty with lots of distorted synths, then this is your man. He remixed Proxy's supreme banger Raven last year to great effect. This is definitely not for the feint of heart though, very very filthy stuff....

The ep is available to buy on beatport

Polymorphic - Scream

Polymorphic - Rock On

Keeping in touch with the Russian feel I'm going to post something that's been around a while, I can't really describe in words how much I love this tune...Proxy is genius

Moby - I Love To Move In Here (Proxy Remix)

enjoy the tracks, and keep an eye out for future Polymorphic productions, if Proxy's success is anything to go by then I feel Polymorphic could go far too. This distorted warped brand of electro house hits you hard...

jossa x

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  1. also, a guy called dmitre fyodorov. muscovite melodies. sick