Sunday, 25 April 2010

Footcrab, Footcrab, Footcrab

I've been meaning to do a post on this guy for a while. Headhunter has never been one of those producers to have one particularly outstandingly successful song . His album Nomad released back 2008 was a success but it never reached giddy heights. Despite saying all this the Bristolian producer is a widely respected DJ and producer, he has had constant releases on Tempa which Skream also releases on. But it's not until he decided to produce under a new moniker of Addison Groove and do his own take on a form of Chicago born music called Juke House that he has had his first straight out hit.

If you haven't heard it yet, it's called Footcrab and you might be surprised when you first do. If you're out and you hear it, don't try and dance to it you'll look very weird trying to. None of this is making it sound good but I think this song is great, it's got some nice chords, a steady beat and two very nice vocal samples pieced together to make one of the most original and fun productions of the year so far...

He has been on doing stuff on Radio with none other than Ms Mary Anne Hobbs and done an amazing mix for here show, it's all skittering beats and moody synths and it's well worth a listen

Addison Groove mix for Mary Anne Hobbs

Addison Groove — Nautilus
Addison Groove — Battle Scene
Addison Groove — Word Doc
Addison Groove — Sexual
Addison Groove — Footcrab
Addison Groove — This Gril
Addison Groove — Jam Hot
Addison Groove — Sax Machine
Addison Groove — I Dreamed A Thing

I hope you enjoy it

Jossa x

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