Monday, 7 March 2011

Introducing - Youandewan

Those of you who purchased or have listened to Midland's superb Bring Joy EP, will have found it hard to not hear the Youandewan remix.

It is a first class 11 minute long beast of a remix. An impressive journey of snappy house snare drums, muffled kicks and tinny hight hats paired with subtly stifled synths and glimmering vocals.

Admittedly a few months back I was sent a Youandewan track and it was lost in the maelstrom of emails that any present day journalism student receives. But I am finally getting round to posting that very tune.

With similar drum styles and patterns as the Midland remix it's another beauty. Sauntering along at a perfect 120bpm. I love this track because it reminds me of Watergate club in Berlin, the residents would start off the night playing slow and subtle tracks like this before smashing it later on.

The Leeds based producer has been receiving support from some big names, here's Skream playing one of hisdubstep influenced tracks on Rinse FM

Links to his Souncloud and to his Facebook so you can stay in the loop

Enjoy, I have been


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