Thursday, 9 September 2010

Coma Catted

One of the biggest tunes of the summer and an instant recognisable classic - Tensnake's Coma Cat has taken it's place amongst some of the greatest songs in dance music. It is inevitable that with such popularity will come mainstream air-time on Radio1 and the like. Nevertheless I don't think this song will reach the pedestal of irritating overkill that songs like Day & Night and Mars currently sit atop. It is a song which results in euphoria in almost room it's played in. Some will think i'm giving it too much, but I genuinely believe it's a classic.

Tensnake is a fantastic producer and I was lucky enough to see him perform a live set at Fabric in the tail end of last year. All melodic and upbeat rhythms and synths, It really is impossible not to tap a foot to his work let alone throw some disco shapes. He is playing at Bestival this week end and I am sure will be just a pleasing to those who go and watch him.

The man hailing from Hamburg in Germany has some more remixes in the pipeline notably of Goldfrapp and Azari & III. No doubt some more original material is on the way too. He has many influences but most importantly he lists the great Herbie Hanncock as one of his main influences, hence the multitude of key tapping madness during his live shows.

Here is a soundcloud link of his various remixes, they are all fantastic.

And because of a lack of posts recently am I going to spoil you by giving out the Round Table Knights Remix of Coma Cat. Round Table Knights have barely put a foot wrong since they burst onto the scene. The Swiss duo tap into that amazing brand of upbeat tech house that no-one can resist at 4 in the morning. Unfortunately the blog would probably be shut down if I gave it away full 320, so a 192 will have to suffice.

Here it is ya'll, different form the original but still brilliant

enjoy the tacks!


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