Tuesday, 3 August 2010

What To Do?

I like to draw your attention to what I think is one of the finest newcomer house tunes i've heard all summer. I know the last post was Zev's forget the world, which is pretty hard to trump. Nevertheless this track from the young Canadian Sean Roman is excellent. I discovered it via one of my favourite blogs Palms Out Sounds so big thanks to them. Pleasing vocal hook and dreamy synths, very nice stuff....

I have a serious back log of stuff that I have been wanting to put out. Some fresher than others, some full quality some not. But almost all are four to the floor and fairly in keeping with the house vibe. So get downloading.........

A new Martin Brothers release get a typically bassy remix from CBB favourite Julio Bashmore. Go and get the whole release it is great and has some sweet remixers.

Tocadisco with the bouncy tech house vibe.

Jamie Jones' sets are full of soulful, deep and sometimes funky/disco house. This remix of Tom Demac is a serious groover.

One of my favourite Solo tunes getting toyed with by the exciting Dutch house/funk producer Rubix. I love the trumpets samples in this one. Those who like it Balkan or Gypsy-esque will be a be a fan of this one.

French label Sound Pellegrino recently gave away a few tracks. This is one of the best from the group they gave away.

In true school dinner fashion i've left the best till last with this post. The slower, deeper and more detroit influenced strain of house music which hits my ears like a fast spreading infection.

Alongside Kyle Hall and Nicolas Jaar, Motor City Drum Ensemble is the one of the finest young producers out there. I personally consider them to be a unorthodox holy trinity of young house producers. MCDE is my favourite though he's beyond talented.

122bpm detroit style monster. I love mixing this tune ever since I heard it on a mix by Mosca.

A lovely minimal tune from Italian Ilario Alicante. Without meaning to sound cheesy this has got the "i'm still awake, fucked and finding dancing difficult at 11am" vibe. Nevertheless a really nice guitar sample. The kind of tune you would expect to here in Ibiza I suppose....


Enjoy the tracks

Jossa x

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