Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Zed Bias - Biasonic Mixtape 2010

Zed Bias goes on a serious funky tip with this mix. Essential listening for the summer methinks. There are some serious gems in hidden away in here. Badundeng is particular favorite of mine, Altered Natives make an appearance and there is even some Footcrabing....

Zed Bias BIASONIC Mixtape 2010 PT1 by zedbias

1 It was you - Maddslinky
2 Chekere - GP presents Havana cultura - seiji rerub
3 Trouble in the street - Zed Bias and Harmonic 313
4 Bareknuckle - Zed Bias
5 To the leff -Zed Bias
6 Who's green money - Greenmoney ft Mz Bratt
7 Lost on Tenori street - maddslinky
8 Footcrab - Addison Groove
9 Oh my Zipper - Altered Natives
10 Get Get Down - Zed Bias ft Ghost1
11 Badungdeng -Zed Bias Rodney P and fallacy
12 Wait for the fill - Zed Bias ft Inja
13 It's so - omar (Zed Bias remix)
14 Stupid (instrumental) -Redlight
15 Spare Ribz - Roska's Year of the Ox mix
16 Get Close - Zed Bias ft Jenna G
17 Together - Zed Bias
18 Special - Maddslinky (Toddla T remix)
19 Streets of Africa - Funk Butcher
20 it's You - Seiji

Here's El-B's bassy remix of Neighbourhood, unfortunately not full quality to protect the artist...

Zed Bias - Neighbourhood (EL-B Remix)


Jossa x

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