Monday, 29 March 2010

Hendrix Rhythms

Anyway you look at it Warp is an amazing label. They have scores of fantastic artists on their bill Hudson Mohawke for example, who has been hugely successful since the release of his album Butter. Flying Lotus is also on Warp and anyway you look at him, he is the fucking man. His small label Brainfeeder has some of the most original and cutting edge artists around and his tunes are spectacular too (coming from the same bloodline as John Coltrane could only really equate to being good at creating sound waves).

Gonjasufi is the man i'm digging right now though. His album A Sufi and a Killer is out now on Warp and is truly spectacular. The guy used to be a Yoga teacher in California until he had a dream.....

"I had a dream one time that I was at an outdoor Hendrix concert and all of a sudden, as Jimi walked towards the stage, our eyes locked, man. It was just fucking intense. Intense. When I woke up, I felt like he was checking on me, like, 'Hey, I'm watching you bro.'"

He obviously thought it was time to start making music after that particular nights sleep. His album is like no other released in 2010 or the end of 2009 for that matter. Drawing on influences from all over the place it is hard to pin down and label his music with a particular genre, but it's better that way anyway. He's got a pretty good voice too which appears in a number of the tracks....

here's a couple of them (not full quality)

Gonjasufi - Klowds

Gonjasufi - Candylane

And here is a little interview clip of him, with the Gaslamp Killer, who helped produce the album along with Fly Lo.

Big up to Warp and the Brainfeeder crew basically...



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